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Iranian Tourist Visa - Apply Here

The whole process is very easy:

  • Take a few minutes and fill the below form
  • Pay 39 Euros as Arian Tour service fee (Remember this is different from visa fee which you have to pay while collecting your visa)
  • Receive the visa grant letter in 7 working days
  • Collect your visa upon arrival in Iran, or any of the consulate offices you have selected earlier

Note: US, UK and Canadian citizens, please email us before filling the form

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For more information, please see FAQ About Iran Visa in below , or simply contact us: tours@arian-tour.com

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More information about process of Iran tourist visa

Any citizen of a foreign country who wishes to enter Iran needs to have a valid visa, except visa exempt countries. (See the list here)

We will gladly assist you with the visa application process.

This process takes at least 7 working days, except for US, UK and Canadian passport holders who need to wait a bit longer.

To apply for a visa, please:

  • Complete the application form
  • Upload a recent colored passport size photo with white background (High quality)
  • Upload a copy of the first page of your passport, colored and in high quality. (Please note, if you are taking a picture from your passport, light reflection does not affect the picture and all the digits be totally clear)
  • US, UK and Canadian passport holders, should also submit another information form, which will be emailed to them after receiving the initial documents. Visa process for these nationals, can take up to 30 working days.

FAQ About Iran Visa

1. What is a “visa rant letter”?

Visa grant letter is the document issued by the Iranian Foreign Ministry that proves you are eligible to enter Iran.

2. What is “Place of Collecting Visa”?

This is where you choose to pay the visa fee and get the final approval. It can be the nearest consulate office or embassy of Iran to your home, or main areal borders of Iran. Please note that citizens of US, UK and Canada cannot collect their visas at the airport.

3. Do the officials stick a visa sticker in my passport?

It has been quite a while, since Iran does not put a visa sticker in your passport. They don’t even stamp your passport upon arrival or departure. You just show a hard copy of the visa grant letter and you are good to go.

4. How much is the visa fee?

It depends on your nationality, duration of your stay and where you collect your visa.

5. Do women have to wear Hijab in their application photo?

No, it is not necessary.

6. Does Iran issue a multiple entry visa?

No all of the visas are single entry.

7. What is the longest time I can stay in Iran?

The maximum visa duration is 30 days.

8. Can I extend my visa?

Visa can be extended before it is expired by paying 200 Euros for maximum 15 more days. This is not possible for US, UK and Canadian passport holders.

9. What if there is no Iranian consulate or embassy in my country?

In this case you can easily collect your visa at the airport upon arrival. If you are a US or Canadian citizens, you can post your visa grant letter, passport, a passport size photo and the visa fee to the interest office of Iran in Pakistan embassy in Washington and receive back the passport within 2 weeks..

10. Can I apply for an on-line visa by myself?

It’s been quite a while since your visa application must be submitted by a tour operator in Iran. It is highly recommended not to apply on your own.

11. Which nationals do not need a visa to enter Iran?

Visa exempt countries are:

  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Bolivia
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Georgia
  • Hong Kong
  • Lebanon
  • Malaysia
  • Oman
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • Venezuela
12. How long does it take to get the visa grant letter?

It usually takes about 7 working days, but for US, UK and Canadian citizens it can take about 30 days.

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