Credit Cards in Iran? Problem Solved!

Right after the Iran nuclear agreement in 2015 between the Islamic Republic of Iran and world powers, International credit cards, namely Visa and MasterCard were expected to introduce services to Iranian market. However, despite all the optimism towards the lifting of sanctions and opening gates to international companies, no major credit card provider entered Iran’s market.


The principal reason lies in the fact that the US still enforce its one-sided sanction against Iran. Part of it known as US embargo, which means that any transactions in USD are clearly forbidden.


In addition to that, major European banks that have ties to the US banking system have refrained from working with Iran. There are still some restrictions in place that ban American banks from doing business with Iran, and all dollar-denominated transactions continue to be prohibited for Iran. As such, in spite of several attempts by US and European officials to assure European banks about the legality of resuming cooperation with Iran, nearly all major global banks have refrained from dealing with the Islamic Republic.


In the absence of international credit card networks between Iran and rest of the world, transferring money to Iran has become extremely challenging and expensive. This has also created enormous difficulty for travelers who visit Iran as they would not be able to use their International credit or debit cards in Iran. Which left them the only option of using cash.


But we in “Arian Tour” have found a solution for this situation. We will provide you with debit cards, with the equivalent of your preferred amount in Iranian Rials. In the end of your trip, if anything is remained in your Iranian account, it will be refunded to you.


This method has proven to solve all of the problems of carrying and spending cash for the tourists who have concerns in this regard.


For more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 00989121781305.


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