Narin Castle

Castle in Meybod

 In the center of Meybod, crumbling Narin castle rises imposingly above the town that has grown up around it. Revealing three layers of construction, the oldest foundations suggest some kind of settlement was built here as early as 4000 BC. Legend has it that the castle belonged to King Solomon and was built by jinns (spirits), but whatever the original provenance of the castle's foundations, most of what can be seen today dates from the Sassanian era.


Lying on the silk route, the castle was used by soldiers who provided an armed escort for passing caravans, charging a tax for their services.


The view from the top of the castle gives an interesting view of the town of Meybod and shows how the growing population of the citadel spilt beyond the castle walls. Watchtowers dotted around town until recently formed the further reaches of the urban area but these have since been breached as new houses stretch into the surrounding desert.

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