Safety in Iran (update 2019)

Is Iran safe?


These days, one of the concerns for Iran tourists is the safety and security. By surfing the Iran traveler’s websites around the world you will reach enough information which helps you making “to go or not to go” decision.





According to lonely planet website Iran is one of the safest countries to travel to. The violation against foreign travelers is very rare (


Even on independent website you will find that Iran has been compared with UK in terms of security which are in the same level, if you are interested in full article please go to

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If you know and respect local customs just like any other countries, you will be treated nothing than courteous. Iran tourists simply go around Iran without any problem. They even may stay in local people’s house. If you are solo traveler or with family, you will be treated with respect and care. Even Iran tourists as women solo travelers will love their visit in Iran.

One of the best works you can do before traveling to Iran is finding a professional travel agency which could make you an unforgettable journey. Iran tours are various as Iran is a vast and rich country. Iran tours could be tailor-made ones according to your time and budgets. From budget tours to luxurious, our experts in Arian tour & Travel Agency will help you through your dream travel to Iran.



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