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Tour:  Mountain &  Iran Classic Tour

Duration: 15 Days

Date: JUL 2016

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Dear Ali,

We want to thank you deeply for this wonderful trip you organized for us. We are so happy about our discovery of Iran, all the beautiful places and all the persons we met. We will keep all this in our memories.

We wanted to give you a detailed report and comment on every point to help you continue like this, and improve the little details to offer the perfect experience.

First of all, we were extremely satisfied with the everyday rhythm. We had time for ourselves, and yet we had time to visit everything we wanted, it was really perfect! We never felt frustrated, and we really enjoyed every part!

All transports were also excellent. Only the problem in Tehran with the driver who never showed up, but finally everything was ok and we wanted to thank you for your professional and kind gesture to reimburse us for the taxi, it was highly appreciated.

We were also very satisfied with the quality and professionalism of the guides. We really felt in good hands. Our only regret maybe was our first guide, Bahram. He was very kind with us, but he seemed not as comfortable as the others with English speaking, and we felt afterwards that maybe we didn't get as many explanations during the visits as the next ones.

The trekking part was really wonderful. Hessam adapted everything to our rhythm and secured everything for us in order to adapt properly to altitude, to have reasonable efforts everyday, and to enjoy the trip without worrying about anything. The change in the itinerary due to bad weather condition was also a very good choice and we really appreciated the variety of landscapes in the Seh Hezar Valley. All the gear included, and the "mule service" were essential elements to ensure the success of this part. Only a small comment about the tent to make the experience absolutely perfect : a lot of tent pegs were missing, so the first night when it was raining a little bit, some of our bags were a little wet when they were in contact with the tent inside, because it was difficult without pegs to tighten the inner and the outer tent properly, without touching each other. It wasn't a big problem, but if the tent is yours, you should buy a pack of tent pegs to replace the missing ones, it's a very small investment with maximal reward! :-). We really liked also our mule guy Ali, he was really professional and caring.

We were particularly satisfied with our guide in Shiraz, Alireza. He was very professional and considerate, and he spoke almost perfect English, it was very comfortable and pleasant. He helped us enjoy a lot the city and Persepolis thanks to his detailed explanations and sense of rhythm.

We had a very pleasant surprise with the bus transports, they were really comfortable!

Yazd was also a very interesting experience, and Ali did a very good job, recommending us the good places and providing a lot of cultural explanations. We felt that the program was a little too light, and Ali took us to extra places (the Lari house, the Water museum, and the garden of Dowlat Abad). They could be included also in the tour, it would then be perfect !

Then in Esfahan we were very happy to spend time with female guides, as women. So thanks a lot for this choice of guides! Bahareh and Kamelia were very enjoyable and pleasant, and they are also very cultivated and good English speakers. It was a real pleasure! And it was also very pleasant for us to have half days and a latest day without program, to discover things by ourselves and rest a little. The choice of visits included in the tour was also very good, but you could also include the Sheikh Lotfollah mosque, when we make the visit around the Imam Square (Bahareh took us there as extra, and it was really worst the visit!).

It was a good thing to change guide in every city because they were very specialized like this, and also we could meet and discuss with different people and it also contributed to the success of this trip.

We were very satisfied with our accommodation in Tehran, Shiraz and Yazd. It was also great to stay at the airport hotel to reduce the effort and the fatigue to take our early flight. In Esfahan we were less enchanted by the hotel, because the room was less pleasant, because a lot smaller than the previous one, and with very limited access to the daylight. But the location was great, so close to the imam square.

We were finally very happy with the relations we had with you: your professionalism, your reactivity, your understanding of our needs and desires. Thanks to your work we had an amazing trip, and we will definitely highly recommend you to our families and friends, and recommend Iran as destination with all its beautiful landscapes, amazing culture, and the kindness of the Iranians. Our only regret is that we never get the chance to meet you to thank you personally, but we hope next time!

Again, we thank you so much, and wish you all the best.

Audrey & Alexandra

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