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Tour : Around Iran in 26 Days

Duration : 26 Days

Date : May 2016

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Dear Mr Ali

1)  Now that our trip has come to an end and we are safely home, I would like to take this opportunity to say, "BIG THANK YOU" for the excellent serviced thru-out the trip. Despite some unhappy experiences with 3/4 Hotels (with two of the hotels you took immediate remedial action), on the whole the hotels were fine and some of them were even of exceptionally high standard. We have highly appreciated your gesture in changing the two hotels when we brought the matter to your kind attention.

2)  In general, we found Iranians very happy, friendly and welcoming to the foreign tourist.  We were even invite for meals in the private homes from two unknown families. This sweet hospitality was one of our highlights of Iran.

My wife and I could even attend an Iranian wedding at the Hotel in Tehran.The Bridal party simply and happily asked us to join the wedding. It was fun ( of course men and women in the separate rooms). To our astonishment, the wedding was very western oriented; men in Black Tie outfit and women elegantly dressed.

In closing,on the whole our holiday trip was excellent and we will cherish the lovely memories of Iran for long while.

2) Guide Driver Oveys Kiani.:

I would say Oveys Kiani is an excellent person. Mr. Kiani is a very polite guide, highly cultured with excellent manners and his main aim thru out our trip was to look after the best interest of his guests.

A Guide like Mr. Kiani would only bring your office enhanced reputation. We were lucky to have had Mr. Kiani as our guide for 26 days or so. Thank you.

3)   Confidential and for your Information:

  1. a)  Masud: if I were to give star rating on Masud where 5 is best and 1 is worst we would give Masud as Star Rating 1.
  2. b) As a person Mr. Masoud is a nice person to a point. However,  as guide he is of no value. Even his command of English is very limited.
  3. c)  2 x Lunches:


 We had two lunches in Tehran with Mr. Masoud. We must stress that the choice of the restaurants

 (eating digs); one in the Big Market in downtown Tehran and the other in Tajrich market; were worst we have ever been.

 I am sure that none of Mr. Masud`s family members would ever enter this digs. Suffice to say, that these places were like

 "Chinese Chicken House."

To keep your Financial Record clear we would like to inform you as under:

  1. i)  We had one lunch to share the first day. The cost could not exceed USD.3.00 for the dish. The second lunch was just 2 dishes and the cost could not have been more than USD 6.00 in total.
  2. ii)  Dinner for the First Evening: 28. 05. 2016

Mr. Masoud never had the courtesy to inform us that he would not take us out for the dinner despite having confirmed with us the pick up time from the Hotel.

Suddenly, Mr Kiani showed and he was surprised that Mr. Masoud had not informed us regarding the  change of the plans.

 Eventually, Mr. Kiani took us out for a meal. Mr Kiani Paid the cost of the dinner from his own pocket.

iii)  Dinner for the Second Evening: 29.05. 2016.

As we were not happy with his choice of Lunch venue we avoided the talk of dinner with Mr. Masud. We ate the dinner on our own at the Hotel. The cost was born by us.

I have no doubt that you have always had your clients best interest in mind and that is why I take this opportunity

to bring the matter to your attention.

As by nature we are very tolerant and not wishing too upset both ourselves and our host/guide, we normally do not make a fuss but accept as it comes. Despite the situation we took the view not to bother you with with such matters.

In future, please do not offer Mr. Masud's services to my recommended clients. It would put me to shame.

Finally, in closing I must stress that the report is not meant as a complain but the reflection of our experience and feeling.

Do not consider the matter as a criticism or as an offence. As a boss you should know your client`s comments.

I sincerely hope the report would not tarnish our relationship.

Kind regards

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