Group from Denmark

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Tour: Iran Classic

Duration : 5 Days

Date : Apr 2017

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Dear Afete, dear Ali,

Thank you very much for having organised a wonderful trip for us. We enjoyed all the sightseeing, and I must say that all the guides were fantastic (Tina, Wahid and Ali). They had no problem doing extra things and accommodating changes at the last moment. They were all very knowledgeable and lovely people to be around. I will also mention as unexpected highlights the stay with Abbas in Bazm and the shrine for Fatima in Qom.

I did buy a little something from Denmark for your shelf in the office, but did not have the opportunity to pass by your office - next time.

I have already recommended you to a friend who has relatives travelling to Iran soon, so hopefully this will give you some extra business.

Thanks again.

Kind regards,


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