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Tour:around  Iran 

Duration : 19 Days

Date : Feb 2017




We loved Iran.  The tour was very well run and organised. It flowed seamlessly from end to end.  The hotels were great, the food was wonderful and the scenery was all we hoped.  Our guide Sajjad was just excellent.  He was knowledgeable, articulate, open, organised and fun to be with. He took us to excellent restaurants for our lunch and ensured that we had the speciality dish for the region or city etc.  Plus the restaurants were very interesting in themselves.


Sajjad is a proud Iranian who wanted his guests to have the best time possible.  He joined in the Aussie sense of humour and added greatly to our enjoyment.  He was a great ambassador for Iran.   And we did get a carpet - through sheer horror at the original price and just not wanting to pay 750 Euro for the carpet, the boss kept on trying for the deal for about 25 minutes - with Ross as I had gone outside to wait for the others.  We ended up paying 300 Euros.  Happy...  


The only downside was immigration.  Gosh - it was a bit of a nightmare!  We got confused with having to show your travel insurance first, then get a ticket from them, go to the Visa spot 10 metres away, show your documents, get a voucher to pay for the visa, then go back and get Visa put in passport and then finally, go and pay for Iranian travel insurance.  Plus, we already had insurance for Iran but because the word 'Iran' didn't appear on the piece of paper, we had to buy insurance.  Cameron and Jan had the word 'Iran' printed on theirs so they didn't.  We have yearly travel insurance and had I known to have the word 'Iran' on it, I would have ensured that it did.    My suggestion is (and obviously you can take or leave this) is that a 'Short Guide to Navigating Immigration in Iran' would be great.  


But, we weren't the only ones like this.  Most of the passengers on the flight who were getting their visa on arrival were just as confused as we were. However, Heidi who already had her visa just sailed through with no hassle.  So, perhaps that is another option - get a visa before going...


Happy to talk further on this if I have confused you...  :)




We loved Iran and it's warm and welcoming people.  Our tour was very well organised and flowed seamlessly from end to end.  The hotels were great, the food was wonderful and the scenery was spectacular.  Our guide was knowledgeable, articulate, organised and fun to be with. And Mystic Tours are a pleasure to do business with.  They are the most professional travel agents around.  We will definitely do business with them again.


I hope this is ok - thanks again for all your help!




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