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Nomad tours:
Nomadic life style has always been a trend in Iran, especially around Shiraz and Isfahan where nomads still travel between their summer and winter quarters to nourish their flocks. Visiting these nomadic tribes and accompanying them in the right season will definitely be an unforgettable experience for you. Nomad tours can be executed independently as long as you wish, or within our cultural packages. You can stay in nomads’ hand woven tents and enjoy their traditional cuisines.
Mountain Climbing Tours:
Iran is a semi-mountainous country with high peaks, with “Damavand” being the highest one (5671 meter). There are 4 main routes and some detours for ascending “Damavand” 2 of which (the north and the south routes) are already in our packages.  We can assist you to climb “Damavand” as well as other important peaks in Iran such as “Alam Kouh”, “Sabalan”, “Sahand”, “Zard Kouh”, “Oshtoran Kouh”, and…
Rock Climbing:
Considering the fact that Iran mountains have several rocky walls for climbing (with Alamkouh 400m being the highest), we can organize rock climbing tours and share our information with you to guarantee an adventurous trip to the mountains of Iran.
Mountain, Forest and Desert Trekking:
The beautiful and diverse nature of Iran has hundreds of trekking routes, some of which have been used for centuries by Caravans or rural people and some others have been discovered by eco tour travel agencies such as “Arian Tour”. In case you are interested to touch the wonderful nature of Iran, just contact us and let us know about your preferences and we will provide you with the most interesting package in no time.
Mountain and Desert Biking:
The attractions in Iran’s mountains and deserts are unique: mountain villages, historic routes, rivers and water falls, hospitable people with their traditions, vast meadows, and special climate. And in deserts: moving sand hills, unique wild life, Caravan routes, numerous caravanserais, subterranean canals, underground water tanks, camel herds and many other things. If you are interested in bike riding, do not miss this opportunity. “Arian Tour” has a decade of experience in mountain and desert biking, so let us organize a wonderful biking trip for you that you will never forget.
Horse Back Riding Tours:
“Zagros” Mountains have always been the habitat of one of the oldest nomad tribes in Iran called “The Bakhtiaris”. Since they have used horses as their only means of transport for centuries, you can find the best horses and also the best riders in that area. Horseback riding in “Zagros” can be organized as an independent tour or executed within other packages. The highlights of this package are horseback riding off the beaten paths, visiting mountain villages and experiencing the traditional life style of “Bakhtiari” nomads.
Back Country Skiing tours:
Iran is a mountainous country and has several glaciers, and peaks and valise which are covered with snow in winter and spring. In case you are interested in back country skiing, “Arian Tour” can take you to “Damavand”, “Dena” or “Alamkouh”, where our most experienced back country skiers will accompany you .
Diving Tours:
Iran has 3000 Kilometers of magnificent beaches along Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, and several coral islands with clear water, which are ideal for diving. “Kish” and “Qeshm” islands have long been the destinations for scuba divers and snorkelers from all around the world. We can arrange your diving tours in the exact spot that you wish and according to your time.
Zoroastrian Temples
Zoroastrianism is Persia’s ancient religion and one of the oldest in the world. Today a lot of Zoroastrians live in Iran and India. Every year in the magnificent Zoroastrian temples in Iran, you can see spiritual rituals. Some of these temples and sanctuaries are: “Chak Chak” in Yazd, “Fire Temples” in Yazd and Kerman, “Takht-e- Soleiman”, “Anahita” and many others. We can give you complete tours of these places if you are interested.

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