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Useful Persian Expressions


Hello – Salaam

How are you? – Haalet chetoreh? Khoobi?

What’s up? – Che khabar?

Nice to meet you. – Khoshbakhtam.

I’m from X (The country) – Man ahl-e X hastam.

Thank you. – Mersi/Mamnun.

You’re welcome. (In reply to thank You) – Khaahesh mikonam.

Sorry/ Excuse me! – Bebakhshid!

Good morning! – Sobh be kheyr!

Good night! – Shab be kheir!



How much does it cost? Gheymatesh chandeh? (or you could simply ask “Chandeh?”)

Give me some discount. Takhfif bede. (Or you could simply say “Takhfif!”)

It’s expensive. Geruneh.


Asking for locations or directions

Where is X? X Kojaast?

How can I get to X? Chetor mitunam be X beram?

Street = Khiabaan (Azadi street: Khiabaan-e-Azadi)

Alley = Koocheh (Shohada alley: Kooche-ye-Shohada)

I’m lost. Man gom shodam.


Asking for help

Police – 110

Ambulance – 115

Fire Department- 125

Help! – Komak!



One: yek / Two: do /Three: seh /Four: chaahaar/ Five: Paanj / Six: shesh /Seven: haft / Eight: hasht/ Nine: noh/ Ten: dah

Thousand: Hezaar (Three thousand tomans: Seh hezaar toman)



Food and restaurants

Restaurant – restooraan

Menu – meno

I’m a vegetarian – Man giaah khaaram. (Vegetarian: Giaah khaar)

without meat – bedooneh goosht

Stew (if you’re done having kebab everywhere!) – Khoresht

Drinks – Nooshidani (Of course nonalcoholic ones!)

Dinner – shaam

Lunch – Naahaar

breakfast – sobhaaneh

I’m hungry! – Gorosnameh!

I’m full – Sir shodam.

Bon appetite – Nooshe jan!

It’s very delicious – Kheili Khoshmazze ast!



Green: Sabz/ Yellow: Zard/ Red: Ghermez/ Blue: Aabi/ White: Sefid/ Black: Siaah/ Purple: Banafsh/ Pink: Soorati/ Brown: Ghahveyii


Days of the week

Saturday: Shanbeh/ Sunday: Yek-shanbeh/ Monday: Do-shanbeh/ Tuesday: Seh-shanbeh/ Wednesday: Chaahaar-shanbeh/ Thursday: Panj-shanbeh/ Friday: Jomeh


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