Waterfalls in Iran



Bishe Waterfall Khoramabad
Kabudwall waterfall Golestan
Abpari Waterfall Mazandaran
Shalmash Waterfall West-Azarbaijan
Asiabkharabe Waterfall East-Azarbaijan



Bishe Waterfall

Bishe waterfall is like a jewel, shining in the heart of Zagross mountains in Khorramabad, southwest of Iran. Its height is about 48 kilometers with a wideness of about 10 meters. The waterfall is surrounded by myriad beautiful trees and plants and there are some springs around there that join together and make this amazing waterfall and finally, the waterfall flows into Sezar river, after passing Bishe rail station. Bishe Waterfall with its breathtaking green view has been recorded in the list of Iran's Natural Heritage and is the best choice for nature lovers. 



Kabudwall waterfall   

Kabudwall Waterfall, located in Golestan province, north of Iran is originated from Haron Mount and flows in Kabudwall river and its height is about 6 meters which is considered as one of the biggest of its own kind in that region. Its surrounded by the forest and it has super amazing views especially in fall when it's filled with colorful trees and plants. With its cool climate, mouth-watering dishes, and astounding sceneries, it attracts hundreds of travelers who are tired of urban noises.



Abpari Waterfall

 Abpari waterfall is located in Royan city, Mazandaran province. for reaching there, there is a 20-minute drive in the woods and jungle and you can see many villagers selling local and traditional food on the road. The weather in that area is cooler than other parts of Golestan province and it's better to bring a warm coat with yourself when traveling there. There are lots of different activities to do in Abpari waterfall, like swimming, climbing, grilling, and fishing which enhances the pleasure of your trip.



Shalmash Waterfall

 Shalmash Waterfall located in West-Azarbaijan is another beautiful cascade in the country. This waterfall is formed by 3 huge cascades near the Iraq border and is closed to Sardasht city. And also there is a lush valley along with beautiful forests near Sardasht city. The best time for visiting this waterfall is June or May which will provide you with a better view, especially for photography. This site with its jaw-dropping nature has become a major tourist attraction and every year thousands of travelers come and visit this spectacular site.


Asiabkharabe Waterfall

Asiabkharabe Waterfall located in East-Azarbaijan is another unique attraction of Iran. Asiab kharabe means broken water mill and is named like this because of the unusable mill located above the waterfall. although the mill is broken, it has enhanced the beauty of landscape. The weather in this region is cool and humid and sometimes windy. It's the best place to chill out and enjoy the natural corridor. 




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