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 Qajar Museum

Qajar Museum is located in  Amir Nezam Garusi House, Tabriz city. Qajar Museum was officially opened in 2006 after the renovation of the house of Amir Nezam Garusi.  The house was built by Amir Nezam Garusi during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah. This house was purchased by the Cultural Heritage Organization in 1991 and was listed in the List of National Landmarks.The interesting point about this museum is that, it is kept as it was built. The museum is located near the tombs of many prominent poets, including Shahriar, Qatran, Asadi Tusi,etc. In this museum you will get familiar with the traditions of Qajar dynasty and if you are a history-lover you should not miss this place.


 Arasbaran forest

Arasbaran forest; also known as Arasbar or Arazbar is one of the pristine regions of Tabriz.This lush forest has a wide variety of  animal and plant species and has lots of different attractions such as Babak Castle,Ghahghaheh Castle,Ahar bazaar,etc.This amzing forest attracts hundreds of eco-tourists and nature-lovers.


 Kental National Park

Kental National Park is one of the most spectacular places in Tabriz where you can see amazing things such as remnants of old stone mills. In early spring, colorful tulips grow on the slopes of Kental and Ali Beig Castle, multiplying the beauty of the area.Every year, this National Park attracts hundreds of Iranian and foreign travelers.


 Qom Tapeh Desert

Tabriz, which is widely believed to be one of the cities with lush greenery and natural beauty, has one of the most beautiful deserts in Iran, called Qom Tapeh Desert.The area is filled with sand dunes due to the accumulation of soil in the area. This Desert is one of the amazing tourist attractions of Tabriz that you should not miss.


 Eskandar Waterfall

Eskandar Waterfall is located near Tabriz city,on the northern slopes of Sahand Mountain and near the village of Tuyghoon. The waterfall is about 30 meters high and is suitable for climbing. The waterfall is frozen in the cold seasons of the year and creates an amazing scenery. It is also a suitable site for hiking exercises and attracts hundreds of climbers every winter.


 Pinehshalvar Cemetery

Sightseeing in cemeteries is not all that interesting, and it might give you a bad feeling, but the cemetery we introduce  you is one of the oldest cemeteries in Tabriz, which was built before Islam and it's really amazing Because there are three types of gravestones in there. The first type is similar to the gravestones of Khaled Nabi cemetery. but the second type gravestones are made of granite, similar to the gravestones of Maralan Cemetery, and the gravestones of the third type are engraved with the date of the buried person's death, this cemetery is the best place for history-lovers.


 El goli Park

Among the spectacular sites of Tabriz, El goli Park is one of the best tourist destinations. There's a beautiful big pool in the park and Eli goli Mansion is located in the center of the pool. The structure is a  traditional two-story house surrounded by the beautiful park of Eli goli park, The original building of El Goli dates back to the Agh Qoyunlu era, and was renovated once in the Safavid era and once again in the Qajar era. This place is a highly recommended tourist destination.


 Mashrooteh House

One of the most spectacular attractions in Tabriz is Mashrooteh House, located in the old neighborhood of Rasteh Kooche. This house is one of the historic buildings of the Qajar period and dates back to 1245 HS. This house belonged to Haj Mirza Mehdi Kuze Kanani, known as Abolmaleh, who was a prominent businessman in Tabriz and a major supporter of the Azerbaijan people's liberation movement. This house was also a gathering place for Azerbaijan  democratic leaders in 1324 and 1325 SH.


 Heidarzadeh House

Heidarzadeh House is a Historic mansion located in Maghsoudieh district of Tabriz, located on the south side of Tabriz municipality building. There is no historical record of the exact time the house was built, but research shows that the house was built around 1870 by Haji Habib Lak. Heidarzadeh House was renovated about 18 years ago and is open to public.


 Hariri House

Hariri House is located in Tabriz and it dates back to the early Qajar era.The exterior of the building depicts authentic Iranian art and has amazing paintings inspired by ancient mythological and religious themes, including the story of Joseph and Zuleika from the Holy Quran and other chronicles and stories. The ceiling of this fantastic building is an amazing piece of Persian art which attracts hundreds of tourists annually.


Pottery Museum 

Pottery Museum in Tabriz has an amazing collection of the ancient pottery which is located on Shams Tabrizi Street, near the Poet's Tomb, where you can see all kinds of pottery. One of the interesting things about this museum is that the potters still work there and you can see the beautiful art of pottery-making and buy some amazing souvenirs from there.



Tabriz Municipality Palace

 The first museum of the Iranian municipality was opened in Tabriz municipality building, encompassing an area of about 800 square meters. The museum features items such as old street and office lighting, handheld fire extinguishers, typewriters, old keys, old photos of Tabriz, officials and celebrities gifts which were given to the mayor, old books. Paintings and artwork, administrative and financial documents, Tabriz City Club championship cups, porcelain, travelogues written about Tabriz, equipment, facilities and documents related to the "City of Primitives".



Tabriz Museum of Natural History

The museum collects taxidermy (dried) carcasses of various animals from different parts of the country, especially Azerbaijan. They are scientifically disinfected, decorated and displayed in special showcases. The Museum of Natural History of Azerbaijan also offers a wide variety of birds, grazers, reptiles,and insects. The museum is located on Azadi Highway,near Tuba Park.


Armenian Museum of Tabriz

The church was completed in 1912 and is the largest church in Iran. The facade of the church is made of brick and is 12 meters high. The church bell tower is located above the balcony. also the church has four beautifully carved and elegant columns. Today the church is known as the Armenian Museum of Tabriz and includes items such as coins,  books, tables and chairs remaining from 1728, statues, fabrics, ornaments, beautiful old crosses, royal crowns, Armenian leaders costumes, and old bells.


Tabriz sleigh

No matter what age you are, you will surely love riding a sled in Tabriz. The length of Tabriz sleigh is 450 meters and is shorter than Tehran sleigh. This sleigh has double and single cabins and you can control the speed yourself. This sled is located south east of Tabriz, 7 km from El Goli Park.



Tabriz can be considered as one of the most important wood carving centers in Iran. Woodcarving is used in most of Tabriz monuments, and there are alot of master woodcarvers in this city. This art is really laborious and its elegant artworks can be a memorable souvenir for your loved ones.




Ghalamzani is the art of carving and engraving on metal containers including copper, gold, silver, and brass. Ghalamzani in Iran is based on two styles: Tabriz style and Isfahan style. In Tabriz style we see wrist movement and in Isfahan style motifs are created by hammering. Tabriz style engraved metal dishes are one of the most exquisite souvenirs of Tabriz.




Gelimbafi (carpet weaving) is one of the oldest handicrafts in Tabriz and East Azerbaijan. Materials used in Gelimbafi are sheep wool, goat hair and silk. Shahsevan Gelim is the most famous Gelim in Tabriz. Tabriz is one of the largest carpet centers in Iran, where you can buy beautiful Persian carpets



Verni Bafi

Verni is one of the beautiful handicrafts of Tabriz that only few people are familiar with. Verni is mostly woven by nomads living in Azerbaijan province. Verni Bafi or Verni Weaving is actually a kind of carpet weaving without lint. Verni weaving in Azeri language is called "Sumak". This mat is woven by the Chinese weaving method. Carpet masters have estimated this art dating back to hundred years ago, and it's an ancient art. If you're looking for an amazing Persian souvenir, Verni is definitely one of them.



Tasbihi (tasbih in farsi means rosary)Chocolate is

One of the best souvenirs of Tabriz. Due to its delicious taste, a lot of people love this kind of chocolate.This chocolate is made in white and brown color. The ingredients used in this delicious chocolate are milk, sugar, glucose, baking powder, vanilla, butter and, if desired, the brown type of cocoa powder. Because of its appearance, it is known as Tasbihi chocolates.


Iron Age Museum

Iron Age Museum is located next to the Blue Mosque of Tabriz. This museum includes a cemetery and ancient pottery, dating back to 4000 years ago. This cemetery is 30 meters deep and is still unknown and mysterious to many of us, making it an amazing place for adventurers.



Nogha is another traditional tabrizian sweet that originally  belonged to southern Europe and the Middle East, but alot of people in Iran are in love with its taste. Nogha is a kind of sweet from the Gaz family and is made of egg, sugar, walnut and vanilla. You can find the best kind of Nogha in Tabriz.


Baklava of Tabriz

Baklava is a traditional sweet, which originally  belongs to Central Asian countries that has entered Iran as well. Tabriz is famous for its mourh-watering baklava. Baklava is made of flour, sugar, eggs, cardamom, and it has a square or rhombus shape. Of course, Baklava is cooked in different parts of Iran and each part has its own type of baklava.


Nuts of Tabriz

Nuts in Tabriz have a worldwide reputation, nuts are usually exported from Tabriz to other countries, and the nuts trade in this area has long been a booming business. Exports of nuts from Tabriz began in the Qajar era. There are three types of nuts in Tabriz, including almonds, cashews,and pistachios which are among the most popular nuts in the city. Most of the nuts, such as almonds and hazelnuts, are planted in Azerbaijan, except for the pistachio that is mostly planted in other provinces, but it is noteworthy that pistachios are best found in Tabriz.


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