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Shurmast Lake Mazandaran
Hoz-e Soltan Qom
Qalghanloo Lake Ardebil
Shurabil Lake Ardebil
Parishan Lake Fars
Gahar Lake Lorestan
ovan lake Qazvin
Neor Lake Ardebil
maharloo Lake Shiraz
Keeyow Lake Lorestan
Zrebar Lake Kordestan
Urmia Lake Urmia





Shurmast Lake

Mazandaran province, located in the north of Iran, is endowed with amazing nature. It's worth, visiting this city not only for its green views but also for its beautiful lakes. Shurmast Lake is one of the most prominent lakes in this province and its breathtaking view promises an unforgettable memory. This lake covers an area of 15-hectare square meters, surrounded by the forest and mountain and it has several recreational facilities such as water skiing, beautiful pergolas, pedal boats, and drinking water. Every year Shurmast Lake hosts several travelers, interested in eco-tourism, fishing, and biological studies. If you are a nature lover, don't miss this beautiful lake.


 Hoz-e Soltan

Salt Lake or Hoz-e Soltan is another beautiful attraction of Iran. this lake is located in the heart of Qom city which is one of the hottest cities in Iran. This lake encompasses an area of 37075 hectares with an altitude of 720 meters above the sea level. There are several rivers discharging into the lake, including Varamin River,Shour River,Ghara-Chai River.etc. The lake has 2 main parts, the western part which is named after the lake itself and the eastern part which is called Hoz-e Moreh and both parts are full of water in winter and fall. There are various types of mammals and birds, living there such as rabbits, rats, foxes, etc. The lake is like a natural mirror, suitable for tourists, interested in photography.


 Parishan Lake

Prishan Lake located in Fars province (in the northwest of Iran)  is a freshwater lake. This lake which covers an area of 4300 hectares is like a piece of heaven for birds, fishes, and plants, and there are several species of them living in that region. The best time for visiting this amazing site is between winter to early spring when it is full of herbs and plants, suitable for photography and Ornithology studies.


Qalghanloo Lake

This beautiful lake encompasses an area of about 5000 square miles and it's located in Ardebil province, northwest of Iran. Although Ardebil is one of the cold and mountainous regions of Iran but Qalghanloo Lake has mild weather with amazing nature and various types of animals such as ducks, goose, crow, hawk, eagles, and turtles.


 Shurabil Lake

Ardebil province which is located in the northwest of Iran has an eye-catching nature with several lakes, and Shurabil Lake is one of them. This lake has salty water with amazing view and the beautiful area surrounding this lake is a permanent habitat for many animals and migratory birds.



Gahar Lake

Gahar is a stunning lake with jaw-dropping nature, located in Oshtorankouh mountains in Zagross Range. The lake area is about 100 hectares with freshwater and the cool weather has turned the area around the lake to a spectacular park, filled with trees, flowers and different types of plants. It's the best place to chill out and relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. 


Ovan Lake 

Qazvin province is located in the northwest of Iran, and it's famous for its mountainous region, called Alamut. Ovan Lake is like a hidden paradise in the heart of Alamut region. This amazing lake covers an area of about 7000 square meters and the deepest part is 6.8 meters deep. The lake is surrounded by some villages such as Avan, Varbon, and Zavardasht. Ovan Lake has a wide variety of fishes like carp, salmon, etc, in addition to plants like everglade and reed. This beautiful lake with its spectacular green view attracts many travelers from around the country and all over the world, especially in summer and on holidays.



Neor Lake

Neor Lake is another beautiful lake in Ardabil which spans more than 220 hectares-area, in an altitude of 2700 meters above the sea level and it is home to fishes like rainbow trout and birds like ruddy shelduck and migrant swallows. They are lots of different things to do in this area such as fishing, sports, and other recreational activities. This is the best place to relax and enjoy your stay.


Maharloo Lake

Mharloo Lake (also known as Pink Lake) is another seasonal salt lake in Iran that is located in Shiraz province. The lake encompasses an area of 600 square meters and it is an important habitat for migratory birds. This lake with its unique color has an eye-catching overlook, suitable for photography and recording the unforgettable moments of life.



Keeyow Lake

Khorramabad is the land of beauties, located in the southwest of Iran. The city is blessed with amazing attractions including, several waterfalls and lakes, a historical castle and a majestic mountain. But here, we want to introduce you, one of the most beautiful lakes in Khorramabad, named Keeyow Lake. This lake is located in the northwest of this city and covers an area of 7 hectares, which is a valuable habitat for native and migratory birds. There's a beautiful amusement park near the lake and is full of recreational facilities, ready to host dear travelers.



 Zrebar Lake

Zrebar Lake located in Zagross mountains is one of the magnificent attractions of Kurdistan province. Zrebar is a freshwater lake and interestingly no river feeds the lake and its water comes from seasonal rains. This lake is a major tourist attraction, not only for its breath-taking green view but also for its fun entertainment like yatching, boating and swimming in a lovely atmosphere.                                                                                                                                                                                Only one visit will be enough to fall in love with it and double back.



 Urmia Lake 

Urmia is the most prominent lake in Iran and also the largest lake in the middle east and the sixth-largest saltwater lake in the world. This Lake is located between West-Azerbaijan and East-Azarbaijan and covers an area of about 5200 square kilometers and a length of 14 kilometers. Urmia Lake used to be a valuable habitat for approximately 290 native and migratory bird species like waterfowl and Artemia. Urmia Lake has been registered as a Biosphere Reserve and a Ramsar Site due to its international importance.

















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