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Hendurabi Island

Hendurabi Island is a small island located in Hormozgan province, south of Iran and spans about 22 kilometers area, with an altitude of 29 meters. This quite and peaceful is almost void of habitat and its beautiful beach is suitable for chilling out, resting and sunbathing under the warm sunlight. and also you can swim in the crystal clear water of the Persian Gulf. Hendurabi Island is a temporary habitat for some migrating birds like falcons and also is home to some species of reptiles. This island with a peaceful atmosphere is the best place to relax and enjoy your stay.



Hengam Island

Hengam Island covers an area of about 39 kilometers and is located in the southern part of Qeshm Island, in the Persian Gulf. This beautiful island is like a shining diamond in the south of Iran, where you can see dolphins and several types of fishes playing in crystal clear water, go swimming and snorkeling or buy delicate handmade accessories. interestingly there are no vehicles and streets on this island and everywhere is quite peaceful. There are some types of rare animals living there like Persian Gazelle and Uromastyx aegyptia(it is a kind of lizard). And also there are some interesting bazaars there, where you can buy accessories, made by shells and scallops. 



Hormoz Island

Hormoz Island, also known as "the rainbow island of Iran" has a lot to see. Like its amazing beach with beautiful red and grey glittery sand, the rainbow cave with several colorful layers of flowstone and surprisingly a mountain with edible soil which is used as a kind of spice in local food. Locals in Hormoz Island are famous for their hospitality and their delicious cuisines and you can stay in their house and get familiar with their customs.



Kish Island

Kish Island located in the south of Iran in the Persian Gulf encompasses an area of 90 square kilometers and since 1970, has become a beach resort for travelers, where they can shop, swim and do a lot of fun and enjoyable activities. Kish is the most popular island in Iran and is one of the free-trade zones in the country. There are several amazing attractions there such as Dolphin Park which hosts over 20 types of mammals like dolphins,walruses,catfish,etc, The greek ship which is a 75-year old ship and has been beached in the island since 1966, and Kariz underground city which is one of the oldest underground cities in Iran and is a major tourist attraction. 



Qeshm Island

Qeshm Island is the largest island in Iran, located in the southern coast of the country(Persian Gulf). This island is filled with mangrove forests and has beautiful beaches. The island has a semi equatorial climate with mild winters and springs, hot summers and pleasant falls. Qeshm Island has numerous attractions such as Portuguese castle which is a historical castle built in 1507, several beautiful villages with unique customs and nature and also many bazaars and malls which sell beautiful clothes and accessories. This island is a habitat to thje world's smallest mammal called white-toothed pygmy shrew and also is home to the world's biggest mammal Blue whale. There are a lot of recreational activities to do there like auto sports, water sports, fishing, and horseback riding to make your stay more enjoyable.     





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