Iran Historical Bridges


Si-o-se-pol Bridge Isfahan
Khaju Bridge Isfahan
Tabiat Bridge Tehran

Shahrestan Bridge

Qari Bridge Tabriz
Versek Bridge Mazandaran
Marnan Bridge  Isfahan
Meshgin Shahr Ardabil
Dezful Bridge Khuzestan
Pol-e Sefid  Khuzestan




Si-o-se-pol Bridge

Si-o-se-pol Bridge is the most popular bridge in Iran, located in the beautiful and historic city of Isfahan and it was built over 400 years ago. Si-o-se means thirty-three and it's the number of arches in the first level of the bridge and in the second level there's a pedestrian path fenced with walls, suitable for photography, especially at night. The bridge is built of high-quality materials such as bricks and limestone which were the common materials used in the Safavid era. Around Si-o-se-pol Bridge there are some great restaurants, cafes, and shops to enhance the pleasure of your life.



Khaju Bridge

Khaju Bridge is located on the east side of Si-o-se-po, in the heart of Isfahan city. The bridge was built in the Safavid era under the provision of Shah Abbas II. Khaju Bridge with a length of 133 meters, was built on a bridge which already destroyed. The bridge consists of several small rooms made of cubes with paintings on the walls, 24 openings, and 2 stone lions. The best time for visiting the bridge is at night when locals gather under the arches to sing and you can enjoy the lovely atmosphere of Khaju Bridge.



Tabiat Bridge

Tabiat Bridge is located in Tehran between Taleghani and Ab-o Atash parks. This pedestrian bridge is one of the outstanding structures of Tehran and it is constructed of 3 floors filled with flowers, trees, and different types of plants. The bridge was built in 2009 and it is the symbol of the contemporary architecture of Iran. There are several restaurants and cafes around the bridge with great food to make your stay more enjoyable. Tabiat Bridge, with its spectacular view and amazing nature, is the best place to chill out and relax during your stay in Tehran.



Shahrestan Bridge

Among several bridges that were built on Zayanderud River, Shahrestan Bridge is the oldest one, dating back to the Safavid era and was built for military purposes. The bridge is 107.8 meters long and an average of 5.2 meters wide and there are several beautiful parks around it, where you can relax and enjoy your stay.



 Qari Bridge

The history of Qari Bridge dates back to the Qajar dynasty and is located in the heart of Tabriz city. This beautiful bridge is made of stone and was built over the Quri River and served as a pedestrian path that connected Tabriz bazaar to the northern parts of the city. This iconic bridge has a fabulous view especially at night for taking some amazing photos and recording your unforgettable moments. 



Versek Bridge

Versek Bridge, also known as Pol-e Piroozi means the bridge of victory is located in Mazandaran province. The bridge took its name from world war II when the Greman Army lost the war because of Siberian cold and Russians won and abandoned this bridge and after that, it was called "Bridge of Victory". This bridge is made of sand, bricks and cement morter and interestingly there is no iron used in the construction of the bridge. Today Versek Bridge is used for transferring people from Tehran to Sari.



Marnan Bridge

Marnan Bridge located in the beautiful and historic city of Isfahan was built in the Sassanid dynasty, about 15 centuries ago. Later Khaje Sarafraz who was the administrator of Jolfa city rebuilt the bridge in the 17th century. This spectacular bridge is 175 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, made of brick. Marnan Bridge is among several bridges built on Zayanderud River and is used as a pedestrian path, where you can have a picnic, get refreshed and enjoy nature.



Meshgin Shahr

Meshgin Shahr, located in Ardabil, northwest of Iran is famous for its amazing nature and valuable attractions like Meshgin Shahr suspension bridge. This beautiful bridge was built in 2015 by some of the most professional engineers and workers. Meshgin Shahr Bridge is the largest bridge in Iran with a height of 80 meters. This bridge is surrounded by spectacular mountainous forest-like parks where you can easily see the Mount Sabalan summit while standing over a beautiful and deep valley.



Dezful Bridge 

Dezful Bridge is the oldest bridge in the world which is still usable. It was built in 260 AD in the Sassanid dynasty, according to the order of King Shapoor with the use of Roman prisoners. This historic bridge is the most important monument of Dezful City that is located in the southern part of Iran. Dezful bridge has been renovated several times, but with all changes in the bridge's lifetime, it remains as it was built and you can enjoy walking across the oldest bridge in the world.



Pol-e Sefid

Karun river is one of the most prominent rivers of Iran located in Ahwaz city, south of Iran. Pol-e Sefid or White Bridge was built in 1936 by an experienced Greman engineer and is made of metal on concrete columns. This suspension bridge is the symbol of Ahwaz city and the best time for visiting this site is December to March,when the weather is cool and you can enjoy the lovely atmosphere.







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