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Tomb of Khayyam
Khorasan Razavi
Tomb of Attar Neyshabouri
Khorasan Razavi





Tomb of Khayyam

Khayyam was an astronomer, mathematician, and scientist of the fifth century AH. Although Khayyam's academic status is considered to be much higher than his literary status, his reputation is due to his wise quatrains. Khayyam passed away in 1132 AD and for about 800 years his tomb was just a ruin but in 1956 Hooshang Seyhoun who was the supervisor of the national monuments changed the place of the tomb. later in 1962, the construction of the building finished. Today tomb of Khayyam has become a major tourist destination with its breath-taking architecture in the heart of nature.



Tomb of Attar Neyshabouri

Farid ul-Din Attar Neyshabouri was born in 1145 AD in Neyshabour city. He was a famous poet and mystic of his time. At first, the tomb was nearly ruined because it was destroyed during the Timurid era but later in the 15th century the tomb was rebuilt. The octagonal tomb is designed by beautiful blue tiles which are one of the symbols of Persian architecture. His tombstone was repaired in 1935 and it's made of black stone with some of his poems written on it. The Tomb of Attar is surrounded by beautiful nature, making it more suitable for photography.



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