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Vank Cathedral

The presence of followers of Christianity in Iran has led to the construction of churches in the country. One of them is Vank Church, located in the Jolfa neighborhood of Isfahan which will mesmerize you by its perfect architecture. This church, also known as the Armenian Cathedral of Isfahan, was built during the reign of Shah Abbas II and its architecture is similar to St. Stepanos Church in Azerbaijan. The church is ornately decorated with beautiful ceilings, gold works, and historical paintings from the life of Jesus Christ. This church has a huge dome and tall, beautiful walls and arches, And currently, Vank Cathedral is the residence of the Armenian and Indian Caliphs.



Qare Church

Qare Church(means black church) is one of the most famous churches in Iran. And has been registered on the National Heritage list in 2008. This church is located 20 km northeast of Chaldaran in West Azerbaijan Province
Every year on different occasions it hosts Christians from neighboring countries of Iran.
The defensive walls and watchtowers surrounding the church have also made a castle out of the church. The original building of this old church dates back to the early fourth century and was built on the tomb of Saint Thaddeus, a preacher of Christianity. The church is also called the first cathedral in the Christian world. Every year at Christmas, this church hosts many Armenians and Christians from Iran and various countries.



Cantor Church

Cantor Church, also known as the Bell Tower, was built during World War II by Orthodox Christians in Qazvin province. There are some interesting points in designing this church. For example, the overall shape of the building is like a cross. They also built the altar of the church to the east because of the high importance of sunrise for Christians. There are two tombstones inside the churchyard, which belong to a Russian engineer and a Russian pilot. There are also two rooms inside the church, one for baptism and the other is the priest's room.



Sarkis Church

Sarkis Church is located in Nejatollahi Street in Tehran. The church was built at the personal cost of an Armenian person and its construction started in 1970. The overall design of this church is like a cross. Its exterior walls are covered with white marble.and has a beautiful design. This church is the largest Armenian church in Tehran.



St. Mary's Church

St. Mary's Church located in Si Tir Street in Tehran dating back to the Pahlavi period and was the main and most important Armenian church in Tehran before the construction of the Holy Serkis Church. It is the first Armenian cathedral in Tehran, and Mr. Nikolai Markov was its architect. Some of the architectural features of this church are an adaptation of medieval architecture in Armenia.



Holy Mary Church

The Holy Mary Church of Tabriz is at least 500 years old, so it is not surprising that Tabriz Christians have chosen this place for their celebrations. this church is the largest and the oldest church in Tabriz and has amazing architecture. From the oldest tombstone in the church, it can be understood that the church dates back to the Safavid period. This historical monument attracts several Christians from all around the world.



St. Stepanus Church 

St. Stepanus Church is located 2 kilometers west of Jolfa in East Azerbaijan Province. The church is named after Stephanos, the first martyr of Christianity. Located in a mountainous area in the middle of a lush valley, St Stepanos Church is surrounded by a stone fence that encompasses a tall basement with seven guard towers and five stone cylindrical roofs that fortify the castle like a fort. The chapel, Daniels stove, and a bell tower are the main parts of this church. This church has been registered in on National Heritage List in 1341.



Surb Karapet Monastery

Surb Karapet Monastery is located on Taleghani Street in Abadan.
The interesting thing about this church is that it is located next to the wall of the mosque of Imam Ja'far Sadiq, which is a symbol of freedom of belief and respect for religions.
The interesting thing about this church is that it is located next to the mosque of Imam Ja'far Sadiq, and it is a symbol of freedom of belief and respect all religions. The church was also used as a training area for soldiers during the eight years of sacred defense.



Nane Maryam Church

Nane Maryam Church is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Orumiyeh city, northwest of Iran.
Since Orumiyeh city has long been the home of many Christian people, it is not surprising that there are many churches in this city and Naneh Maryam is one of them.
There are reports that show that this church is named the second oldest church in the world after Bethlehem Church of Palestine.
The interesting thing about Naneh Maryam church is that there is no bench and no place for confession or preaching in the church.
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