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Ganjnameh Recreational Tourist Village was a huge project, started in 1378 SH in Ganjnameh Village near the Achaemenid inscriptions and Ganjnameh waterfall.
The village consists of various sections, including amusement park, Ganjnameh tele cabin,aquarium cave, banjo jumping, and more.
Since most travelers come to Hamedan to visit Ganjnameh historic inscriptions and waterfall, we suggest you to visit this beautiful village.


Shirz Canyon

Another attraction of Iran which is popular in the world is Shirz Canyon.
A similar example is found in Australia, called the King Valley.
Shiraz Canyon is located between Kermanshah, Ilam and Lorestan provinces and is 2 km north-east of Kuhdasht.
Along the path to reach this gorge, you will find colorful flowers that will pamper your soul.
Along the path to reach this Canyon, you will find colorful flowers that will surely mesmerize you.
The last two kilometers of the path is a dirt road and will begin with a long rocky wall to the canyon.
This spectacular canyon ayyarcts hundreds of tourists annually.


luminous beaches of chabahar

One of the most famous sites in Iran is luminous beaches located in Chabahar and is the similar example of Vaadhoo Island in Maldives.
At night, it's like there are thousands of blue diamonds in the water.
These bright, blue spots are actually bacterias,planktons,and snails living in that region and they make the area suitable for photography and attracts sizable amount of travelers who love this blue, shining waters.


Chabahar miniature  Mountains

Traveling to Mars may not be possible for everyone, but no worries those who really want to see symbols of Mars on Earth can travel to Chabahar and go to the miniature mountains.
These mountains are located near the coast of Kecho and they are among the morphological phenomena in this area.
Chabahar Mountains are a similar example of Atacama Mountains in Chile and they have become a major attraction in Iran.


Khazineh Valley

Khazineh Valley in Iran Similar to Grand Canyon in America!
The Khazine Valley is one of Lorestan's most fascinating and famous attractions, an amazing valley that has been shaped for many years.
Crossing Karkheh River through the valley has multiplied its beauty.
There is also a suspension bridge in that area with a length of 112 meters and a height of 85 meters which has earned the title of the highest suspended bridge in the Middle East.
(The height of suspended bridge of Meshkinshahr 5 meters less than this bridge)


Aladagh Lar Rainbow Mountains

There is also a very similar example of Zhangye Danxi Rainbow Mountains in Iran.
Aladagh Lar Rainbow Mountains are one of the world's attractions in Iran and they are located 2 km northeast of Tabriz in Mahneshan city.
Their highest point is Mount Belqeis, which is 3300 meters above sea level and is about 70 square kilometers.
These mountains have spectacular view for photography lovers.


Tang village

Another world attraction in Iran is the confluence of desert and sea, located in a village called Tang in Chabahar.
Tang village is a small part of Chabahar city which is very beautiful due to the confluence of desert and sea.
Chabahar city has other beautiful attractions, making it fabulous and catch every viewer's eyes.


Shahdad Kalut

Iran is so beautiful and attractive that you can visit it for many years and find new and pristine places every day that no one has ever visited.
Shahdad Kalut is one of the world's most amazing attractions in Iran, similar to the Goblin Valley.
This area with its attractive view and beautiful nights
This area with its attractive view and beautiful nights attracts several desert lovers annually.


Lipar Wetland

Lipar Wetland is one of the world's attractions in Iran located on the coast of Oman Sea and only four similar specimens have been found worldwide.This lake is very popular due to its pink color.It is environmentally safe for many species of animals

The water of these wetlands is strawberry milk-colored due to the bacteria and plankton, living in that region and they are the saltiest ponds in the world.
It is strongly recommended that you do not drink this water.


Rocky shores of Chabahar

Rocky shores of Chabahar Sea (Oman Sea) are another world attractions in Iran.
A rocky beach called the Great Seaside is one of the Chabahar beach resorts.
The high waves of the sea that hit the rocky shores of the beach create beautiful sceneries.
Between August and July, which coincides with the monsoon winds, the height of the waves reaches 15 meters.


Berkekal water reservoir

There's a water reservoir in Gerash city of Shiraz and is the largest roofless water reservoir in Iran.
This water reservoir is located in Bidleh neighborhood and dates back ta Qajar dynasty, about years ago.
The materials used in it, is mortar and the water collected in this water reservoiris used for agricultural purposes and drinking water.
This water reservoir, was initially covered but later in 1339 SH it collapsed because of the earthquake.


Ali Mardan Khan water reservoir

Ali Mardan Khan water reservoir is located in Kerman.
This water reservoir has unique architecture.
Its depth is 9 meters and can hold two million liters of water.
This amount of water could supply the drinking water needed by the people of this neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods for 9 months.
As a result, the water reservoir had water all year long.
And the history of this water reservoir dates back to 1209 AH.

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