Historical Palaces of Iran






The royal palace of Sadabad

The royal palace of Sadabad covers an area of about 110 hectares and consists of 18 buildings including village palaces and mansions, located in the heart of Tehran, the capital city of Iran and is made of bricks. At first , this palace served as the residence of Qajar kings bu today it is one of the best attractions of Iran.





 Aliqapoo Palace

Aliqapoo Palace The history of Aliqapoo Palace dates to the 17th century and is located in the ancient city of Isfahan in front of the magnificent mosque of Sheikh Lotfollah. At first, this palace was a residence for Shah Abbas I and Shah Abbas II expanded the palace and added a beautiful music hall to the building. The palace has 52 rooms and is beautifully decorated with miniature paintings, plaster carvings, stucco, breath-taking ceilings and a balcony facing to the royal garden which will surely catch your eyes.



Niavaran Palace

Niavaran Palace consists of several buildings such as Sahebgharaniye Palace which is remained from Nasir al-Din Shah of the Qajar dynasty. but the main and the most beautiful building was completed in 1968. at first, this palace served as the residence of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his family until the Iranians revolution. The palace encompasses an area of about 9000 square meters and is located in the northern part of Iran. Niyavaran Palace is surrounded by a beautiful garden filled with lush greenery and has cool weather. The jaw-dropping architecture of buildings and museums shows exquisite artworks of Iranian architects. Niyavaran Palace complex is a great combination of architecture and nature which attracts a lot of tourists annually.



The palace of Ardeshir

The palace of Ardeshir; also known as Atashkade is one of the most important structures of the Sassanid era. The place was built on the north edge of Firouzabad Plain and at first, it served as the king's residence. The castle includes several parts such as an entrance(Ayvan), a public reception area, a central dome, and a courtyard. The main materials used in this construction are gypsum and brick. The area around Ardeshir Palace is filled with agricultural fields and there is also a pond and a spring near the castle which irrigate nearby fields. Don't miss this historical palace during your stay in Iran.



Farahabad Palace

Farahabad Palace was built under the order of Shah Abbas I (who had also built Aliqapoo Palace). The palace is located in the green city of Iran, north of Iran. The construction of the building started in 1611 and it was built on a hill. The whole building is blessed with murals and gold works and is surrounded by several beautiful Persian-style gardens. The palace is the best place to get refreshed and enjoy its lovely atmosphere.



Hasht Behesht Palace

Hasht Behesht Palace( Hasht Behesht in Farsi means 8 paradises) was built under the provision of Shah Soleyman in the Safavid era about 450 years ago in Isfahan. The two-story octagonal palace was home to 8 of king Soleyman's beloved women. The palace is designed by tiles with beautiful pictures of birds, reptiles, and predators painted on them. An amazing pool called the pearl pool and breath-taking architecture of ceilings. The glorious architecture of Hasht Behesht Palace has made visitors speechless throughout all these years.

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