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Deilaman is one of the tallest villages in Gilan province which is also called the little paradise of Gilan. After crossing the forest road when you reach Deilaman village, the lush landscapes with horses and cattle grazing in it will mesmerize you.  The natural and historical attractions of Deilaman, such as Garmavar Castle, Baba Vali Tomb, Lunak Waterfall are among the must-see sights of Gilan.



Damash in the lush and beautiful nature of Gilan is like a sparkling emerald with its spas and a unique flower named Susan Chelcheragh. This rare flower grows only in two regions of the world, Damash in Gilan province and Lankaran in Azerbaijan. This amazing city with its breath-taking nature is the best option for nature lovers.



Talesh city, with its unique geographical location, leads from one side to the plain, the city and the sea and, on the other, to the forest-covered mountains and attractions such as Varzan Waterfall,Saragah Lake, Gisoom Forest Park And....
Talesh is one of the best sites in Gilan province which is visited by hundreds of travelers annually.



Olsabalangah bungalow is located in Masal and because of its cool climate most of its inhabitants are from nearby villages who come to spend the hot seasons there. The name of the village consists of two parts, "Ols" which means hornbeam tree and "Balangah" which means a high place, so Olsabalangah means a high place where hornbeam trees grow. In this village you will see rural houses,local people in traditional clothes,horses and cattle grazing together, and a pristine nature and also different types of birds which make this place more amazing



Kiakalayeh Wetland is one of the most amazing wetlands in Gilan province with a wide variety of important bird species.In the winter, many migratory birds migrate to this wetland, but the current Langarood municipality projects such as the construction of a motorway is destroying the wetland,but it is still beautiful and attracts several visitors.



Safrabasteh Village is located in Kiashahr and its forest park is called Safarabeste Forest Park due to its proximity to this village. The park is like a forest tunnel due to the myriad tall trees along its road.There are several species of trees such as poplar of Gilan, willow, Tabriz, Tus, etc. Safrabaste  Forest Park is located between Safrabaste village and Ikomchal village and attracts several foreign and Iranian travelers annually.


Vistan Lake

One of the most spectacular places in Gilan is Vistan Lake located in the heart of the jungle which has multiplied its beauty. The pristine nature with beautiful plains and spectacular scenery has made this site an amazing tourist hub. This region is famous for its high-quality dairy and honey. Around this lake there are several raspberry bushes, apple, pear and walnut trees. This lake with the lush nature around it, is one of the best attractions of this province.


Loonak Waterfall 

Loonak Waterfall is one of the most spectacular natural attractions in Gilan province. Near this amazing waterfall there are several rice fields and tea gardens, beside the mountanious road  that demand your attention so much. Every year several tourists come to visit this waterfall to take some memorable shots.


Asalem to Khalkhal road

Asalem to Khalkhal road is one of the most beautiful and dreamy forest roads of Iran that if you love road trip you should not miss it. In this amazing road forest trees,rivers,and lush plains accompany you to the end of your way. Kivi SPA which is located near Khalkhal can be a suitable resort to take a break during your road trip.  On this road you will see several nature travelers, climbers and cyclists who love this amazing forest road.  There are many restaurants and cafes where you can try new  delicious foods and there are also several wooden huts to stay there and enjoy your journey.


Ali Dashi Spring

There are many springs in the beautiful province of Gilan, one of which is Ali Dashi spring. This spa is located in the village of Gile Deh near the main road, and is located in a breezy climate that attracts many foreign and Iranian travelers. This spa cures many disease such as rheumatism and is a highly recommended tourist destination.



Kote kome Village

Kote Kome is a beautiful village with an amazing spa in the heart of the Gilan forests near the Laton Falls. Those who come to the area to climb Laton Falls usually rent local cottages for accommodation. This fantastic waterfall is located 6 km from the beautiful village from Kote Kome. This village and its curative spa is a fantastic tourist hub.


Latoon waterfall

Latoon waterfall which is the tallest waterfall of the country is located in Gilan province, near the city of Astara. As you walk along the forest path with piles of hazelnut, walnut and pear trees you will see The Spinas Mountains from which Latoon Falls originates.Soha Lake  is also one of the most spectacular sights of this region, located 15 kilometers of Latoon Falls.


Roodkhan Castle

Rood Khan Castle, located near Fouman is a great combination of history and nature. Rood Khan is Iran's largest brick castle which was used as a residence for Mirza Koochak Khan. Reaching the castle, you need to climb more than 1,000 steps in the heart of the forest and there are several restaurants with local cuisine and some craft shops. This place is amazing for taking some memorable shots and enjoy its lovely atmosphere with your friends and family.


Selke Wildlife Refuge

Selke Wildlife Refuge is located in south of Anzali Port,in Soumae Sara. Selke is the first wildlife refuge for animals and migratory birds in Gilan, with several wetlands and ponds,which is open to public and attracts many travelers from inside and outside of Iran. If you are interested in bird watching or you are an animal-lover Selke is the best choice for you.


Green Roof of Lahijan

One of the most spectacular places in Gilan is the green roof of Lahijan, which is located on the top of Sheytan Mountain, over looking tea gardens and Lahijan pool.Lahijan Roof is a popular site among tourists with its recreational facilities,beautiful scenery,and cool climate.
Amusement parks and tele-cabins are among the attractions of this site.



Saqalaksar Village

Saqalaksar Village is located in the green city of Rasht. In this village, the Saqalaksar earthen dam has created a beautiful view in the heart of the forest. In addition to this beautiful lake, there are some recreational facilities around the lake, to make your stay more enjoyable. You can walk along the lake,take some fabulous shots and enjoy nature around you.


Anzali Wetland

Anzali International Wetland is one of the most beautiful  wetlands in Iran, with intense biodiversity. Anzali's wetland ranges from 80 to 120 square kilometers in the rainy seasons. Sea tulips and water lilies have created a beautiful scenery in this wetland. Since late June, sea tulips come out of the water,making boating in this wetland more enjoyable. There are over 100 native and migratory bird species and 50 species of fish in Anzali Wetland. All these beauties have made this region a great place for having fun.


Haviq Town

Haviq is a newly established town near Talesh, which is a combination of the two villages of Choobar and Haviq. In addition to the pleasant climate, grasslands and beautiful valleys of Haviq that attracts many tourists to the city, Zomorrod waterfall, like the sparkling jewel in Haviq forests, has multiplied its beauty. Zomorrod Waterfall is 9 kilometers from the local market in the city. If you're a nature-lover don't miss this amazing site.



Heiran Tele-cabin

One of Gilan's spectacular attractions is Heiran Tele-cabin, located in the west of Hajj Amir-e Vanehbin village in Astara. Shindan Castle dating back to the Sassanid era is one of the most beautiful sceneries you will see along the way. The tele-cabin equipment was purchased from Austria and is one of the safest in the country. The height of the tele-cabin is 1720 meters above sea level and is 1500 meters long.



Noghlehbar Jungle

The lush and pristine nature of Gilan province make this province one of the most popular tourist areas in Iran. Noghlehbar Jungle is also one of the natural attractions of Gilan although this jungle is not as well known as other Gilan jungles, it has an amazing nature.The jungle is next to the village of the same name. The beautiful landscapes of Dorfak Peak, the beautiful Sepidrood river and the rice fields are located on the way to Noghlehbar jungle, making it an amazing tourist hub.


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