Kang Village


                                                                                  Kang Village, Masooleh of Razavi Khorasan


Kang is magnificent stepped village located only over 40 km southwest Mashhad. Kang village is established on a hill so every home's roof is another home's front yard. Kang is beautiful in every season. Kang is very good for photography (you can find magnificent views in every corner) and trekking in the village or alongside the river. You can buy dried fruits from locals or enjoy staying in lodges. Because of its historical and stepped style of the of the e yard of the above building is the building below), no car is able to travel within the residential area of the village. If you like Staircase Village it is nice choice .Most Staircase Villages in Iran are placed in mountainuos land like Rise in Kerman Provinde Kang In Khorasan Masoleh and so on.

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