Taq Bostan historical complex in Kermanshah 


Taq-e Bostan series is one of the unprecedented historical monuments in Iran and the world which is the first stone animation in the world with fine reliefs of the Ancient Iranian greatness and glory.
Taq-e Bostan (“Taq wa San” in Kermanshah Kurdish, meaning a taq made of stone” is a series of Sassanid petroglyphs and inscriptions that are located in north west of Kermanshah in the west of Iran. According to some, this building was made before Christ and according to some others it was built after Christ and has great historical and artistic value. Several historical scenes such as Khosrow Parviz coronation, Artaxerxes II coronation, Shapur II and III coronations and some inscriptions (epigraphs) have been carved in it in Pahlavi script. The mountains and springs in this area have made it a spiriting promenade that has always been the center of attention, from the old days till now.
This series was recorded in the list of national monuments in 1310 with number 172.


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