Sheikh Safi Shrine



Sheikh Safi al-din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble in Ardabil

Sheikh Safi al-Din is buried in the Khanegah in Ardabil. He was a respected man in Sufi tradition and the founder of Sufism. This place was inscribed in 2010.
The process of erection began in early 16th century and continued to 18th century. This place has had different functions such as library, school, mosque, mausoleum, hospital and …. it had some changes and got bigger in Safavid era. It can be one of the most beautiful monuments remained from Safavid era.
There is a way to the shrine and it has 7 parts. It is related to 7 stages of Sufism. There are also different parts in the complex including house of martyrs or house of dervishes. They had special place for anything. One of the interesting parts is chini khane! It means house of chinaware, where a lot of antique things were kept.


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