Tekyeh Moaven


                                                                                          Tekyeh Moaven al-Molk in Kermanshah


Tekyeh Moaven is a Tekyeh and historical place located in Kermanshah city of Iran. this place has made during Qajar era as a Shia mourning site
Its walls are like a gallery; full of tiles that narrate a lot of stories about history of politics and religion in Iran. Tiles used in Moaven al-Molk Tekyeh in Kermanshah have made it totally different from other religious buildings. Usually geometric and arabesque patterns were used in most of the old Persian religious buildings, but we see many variations of forms and designs, simple seven-tone tiles, and even bas-reliefs in different dimensions at Moaven al-Molk Tekyeh.

Hussein Khan Moaven al-Ra'aya built Moaven al-Molk Tekyeh in the last years of Qajar era. The first part of this building started with a Hoseinieh whose beautiful mirrors were unfortunately bombed and ruined by anti-constitutionalists. A few years later, Hussein Khan's brothers decided to renovate and expand the building so they bought and rebuilt it in three parts: The first part remained as Hoseinieh; the second part was named Zeinabieh; and the third part that was the biggest one was named Abbasieh. All these names are derived from real names of Karbala heroes.

Zeinabieh has two floors. The second floor is for women and the first floor for men. The titles used here are like tableaus narrating the stories of Karbala and Ashura. Every year on Ashura, mourning precessions come to Hoseinieh and Zeinabieh to mourn together.

On some of the walls, pictures of religious and Islamic stories like the sacrifice of the Prophet Ishmael, of Ghadir Khumm story, Mi'raj of the Prophet Mohammad, of the poems from Muhtasham Kashani, of historical kings, heroes and legendary mythological characters, etc. can be seen.

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