Apadana Palace


                                                               Apadana Palace of Shush


The palace is in the ancient city, Shush and is located in Shush Castle area. Shush in Khuzestan Province is one of the oldest habitats known in the world. The primary signs of a residential village in the city dates back to 7000 years BC. Based on archeological documents, Shush is one of the most important and magnificent ancient cities in Ian and the world and archeological activities still continue inside it. Apadana is not the name of a castle but the ancient name of buildings that were known as halls with columns. The best examples of Apadanas can be seen in Persepolis and Shush Palace.
Apadana palace in Shush which is undoubtedly one of the sights in Khuzestan Province was established to the order of Dariush the great archaemenid king in about 515-521 BC on Elamite remains. This palace was the winter palance of Archaemenid kings

Apadana palace in Shush with an area of 10434 meters is comprised of different units such as Bar-e Am Hall, harem, gate and catering palace as well as three central yards. The interior walls are designed by glazed bricks and shapes of eternal army, winged lion and blue lpomoea and remains of them are kept in domestic and foreign museums. The palace was brought out of soil during excavations of 1311 up to 1314. It was registered in the list of Iran’s national monuments in 1380 with registration number 3981. It was also registered in the world list in 2015.




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