Alisadr Cave

                                                                                     Water Cave


Ali Sadr Cave is one of the natural attractions of Iran. Only few caves in the world can compete with Ali Sadr Cave

Its colorless water is odorless and has natural taste. There are no living creatures in the cave’s water and its temperature is 12 degrees centigrade. The water is so transparent that one can see to the depth of 10 meters with the naked eyes and ordinary light. The results of physical and chemical experiments show that the chemical composition of water is approximately the same as in different parts of the cave and is considered as light calcic bicarbonate with nearly neutral pH (acidity). The water is not drinkable since it contains different calcareous salts.

The depth of water ranges from nil to 14 meters in different parts. The amount of water flowing into the cave comes from rainfalls, underground springs and outflows from the walls and cave ceiling ― all of them are coming from rain and snow.

The height of the cave’s ceiling in some parts is about 10 meters. It is covered by pure calcium carbonate and its combinations. These sediments form different types of stalactites on the floor and waterless areas of the cave. There are also a number of attractive stalagmites.



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