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Huto & Kamarband Caves

                                                                           Huto & Kamarband Caves


The Huto and Kamarband Caves or Belt Caves are prehistoric, archaeological sites in Iran. They are located 100 meters apart, in a cliff on the slopes of the Alborz mountains in the village of Tarujen (currently called Shahid Abad), 5 km. south west of Behshahr.
Excavations took place led by Carleton S. Coon and were reported on between 1949-1957.Huto Cave is approximately 30 m. x 20 m. The site produced pottery shards, stone tools and samples for radio-carbon dating. Twenty-two samples were dated from Huto Cave and grouped into eight different cultures. The 2 earliest cultures, dating to c. 9910 B.C. – 7,240 B.C. were thought to be seal hunters and vole eaters. The bones of a dog have been cited as an example of exceptionally early animal domestication.
Sub-Neolithic finds date to c. 6120 B.C.Kamarband cave is notable for three human skeletons discovered there, dating to approximately 9000 years B.C. Other finds included flint blades, walrus and deer bones, giving valuable information about human development from the ice age in the Mazandaran area.


Sahoolan Cave

                                                                   Sahoolan Cave – Mahabad

Sahoolan is located 43 km southeast of Mahabad in West Azarbaijan Province, Iran. This limestone water cave has two main sections, a waterway which visitors ride on a boat to discover the amazing attraction of it and a dry part which tourists walk up through the chambers and corridors to visit the hidden undergrounds of this beautiful natural cave.
The name is taken from the nearby Sahoolan Village, the word “Sahoolan” in Kurdish means ice and freezing, because the climate in the area is very cold in winter. This cave is also called the “pigeon or dove nest” cave because there are many pigeon liveing inside, they lay eggs even within reach of visitors so closed that visitors can touch them, doves and bats are the main residents of Saholan Cave. The cave has two entrances, the tour starts from the first entrance with a big jetty chamber, a 200m water trip by boat to the main chamber and it continues in a series of dry corridors and out through the second entrance, the second entrance shows a history of human habitation in the past, black soot smoke on the walls and ceiling shows evidence of long term use of campfires in old ages. Besides the this natural wonder, there are some historical evidence of old ages too, some paintings on the walls of passages and corridors belonging to Parthian dynasty. This tourist destination is cool in summer and freezing in winter.

Chama Ice Cave

                                                            Ice cave Chma 


Chama ice cave (Qar Yakhi Chama) near the village of Sheikh Ali Khan near central part of the Iranian city of Koohrang is considered as one of the rarest and most spectacular caves in the region with lots of icicles of itself.


Tadvan Cave

                                                                           A huge and undiscovered cave


149 km southeast of Shiraz a colossal cave lies, the end of which has not yet been discovered. This cave is located near Tadvan village in Khafr district of Fars province. In order to enter this remarkable cave, advanced equipment for cave exploration is required.


Kharbas Caves

                                                                           Rocky architecture.


Kharbas Cave is one of the tourist attractions of Qeshm and the sights of Hormozgan Province in the south of Iran. The cave is fifteen kilometers from Qeshm on the right hand of Qeshm Road to Kharbas Village and Ramcheh Village. Signs of rock architecture can be seen on the heights of Kharbas Village that according to some researchers the shrine of the followers of Mithraism and Anahita (Goddess of water) Shrine. The monument dates back to Medians.


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