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Shurmast Lake

                                                                          Shoormast Lake, Shur Mast Lake


Shur Mast Lake is the only natural lake in Savad Kuh County in Pol-e Sefid (White Bridge) with an area of 15 hectare square meters and depth of 5 meters. This lake is 5.5 kilometers from Pol-e Sefid City.
The natural lake of Savad Kuh County is about 6 kilometers from west of Pol-e Sefid City and is located in the heights facing this city beside Shur Mast Village. The lake view and its surrounding forest are covered by old and towering alder trees and have made it one of the most elegant places in Savad Kuh County. Travelers, ecotourists and fishermen continuously use this lake at the moment.

Howz-e Soltan (Salt Lake)

                                                                           Hoz-e Soltan Salt Lake 'shadow of its former self'


The salt lake, known as Hoz-e Sultan, was built in 1883 (about 1261 solar years) and was built by the construction of the Tehran-Qom roadscape. The lake has penetrated 5 layers apart from each other up to a depth of 42 m from the ground and captures 240 square kilometers. The saline layers are up to 20 meters thick and are separated from clay soils with a brown to gray color.
Some experts have considered this phenomenon as a wetland, and even the name is listed in the list of five lakes in Qom province, which has been approved by the Ramsar Convention. On the other hand, at the site of the Sultan’s pond, the water level is zero and so it can be considered as a super-glint. The level of static or piezometric is the highest level of groundwater on a specific surface in the basement.

Shorabil Lake

                                                                              Shorabil Lake of Ardebil


Shorabil is a lake located in a hilly area south of the Iranian city of Ardabil. Ardabil University is located near the lake.The surface of the lake is 640,000 m²[citation needed], and is covered with a thin white layer of minerals which are useful in healing skin diseases and rheumatism. The leisure complex of Shorabil is located near the lake. The lake is ringed by a scenic roadway offering views of the lake and the nearby Sabalan mountain.

Qalghanlu Lake

                                                                               Qalghanlu Lake In Germi IRAN


Lake Qalghanlu is the smallest natural lake in North West of Iran. The lake is between the Khan Kandi village of Germi and Azerbaijan Border, and west of the southern portion of the Caspian Sea.

Gahar Lake

                                                                     Gahar Lake of Lorestan


Gahar Lake nicknamed Negin Zagros, is a mountainous lake in Iran. Located amongst the Oshtorankuh mountain range in Lorestan province with a height of 2350 meters above sea level. The lake is located in the protected area of Oshtorankuh Doroud. The lake known as the Negin Oshtrankhu largely devastated due to its lack of road traffic. 


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