Harireh Port

                                                                          The Historical City Harireh


Harireh is an ancient 8th century city located in what is now Kish, Iran. It is situated in the center of the northern coast of the island. Its area is about 3 square kilometers.

Some say Harireh was first built sometime between the late Sasanid period and the early Islamic era. Harireh was quite popular during the Saljuks and Atavakan of Fars. An Iranian cultural heritage organization has verified that Harireh is at least 800 years old

 Kish Island is also of strategic significance both historically and geographically; it is located between two ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and the Eilamite. It is a unique land with its serene beaches, choral sand, clear water, proper cover of green vegetation and plants: it is blessed with such unique features that every year numerous lovers of nature and the sea rush to this place to spend their vacation with relaxation and pleasure. The earth of Kish is choral and it glitters under the sunshine. The sea water is clear and transparent since the chorals act as refining filters and thus one can see the bottom of the sea from far distance too. Moreover, the beautiful decorative fishes in the margins of the Kish seashores add much beauty to its other attractions.


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