Pire Alamdar Tower

                                                                             Pire Alamdar Tower, ( Mausoleum in Damghan)


Pire Alamdar Tower is one of the invaluable architecture examples of the fifth century in Iran. The tower was built in the form of a conoid onion.  The monument height is 13 meters and its interior diameter is 4.5 meters. The tower body has brick and molding decorations at the end of the dome and there is a manuscript in Kufic between the decorations.


there is a brick view and unique tomb in Khooriya neighborhood around Imam Khomeini Square. This tomb is a memorial from the 5th century AD in Iran. The Pire Alamdar Dome was designed as a circular and cylindrical tower with a two shells dome in 417 AH. In this tomb, a man whose name was Mohammed ibn-e Ibrahim, known as Pire Alamdar, ruler of the state of Ghoomes is buried. One of the features that distinguishes Pire Alamdar Dome from other similar buildings is the presence of 3 inscriptions in the building, 2 inscriptions in the exterior and an inscription in the interior part. On the interior inscription, verse 53 of al-Zomar Surah is written on a plaster with blue in Kufic line. As the most unique parts of the Pire Alamdar Dome, the inscription and its arch margin can be mentioned. Before entering the tomb, the rectangular frame of the entrance with brickwork and an inscription in Kufic line capture the eyes of every lover of art and history, so that you will watch and enjoy the beauty of it for minutes.


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