Howz-e Soltan (Salt Lake)

                                                                           Hoz-e Soltan Salt Lake 'shadow of its former self'


The salt lake, known as Hoz-e Sultan, was built in 1883 (about 1261 solar years) and was built by the construction of the Tehran-Qom roadscape. The lake has penetrated 5 layers apart from each other up to a depth of 42 m from the ground and captures 240 square kilometers. The saline layers are up to 20 meters thick and are separated from clay soils with a brown to gray color.
Some experts have considered this phenomenon as a wetland, and even the name is listed in the list of five lakes in Qom province, which has been approved by the Ramsar Convention. On the other hand, at the site of the Sultan’s pond, the water level is zero and so it can be considered as a super-glint. The level of static or piezometric is the highest level of groundwater on a specific surface in the basement.


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