Ovan Lake

                                                                              Ovan Lake


Ovan lake is a small alpine lake in Alamut region of Alburz range, in Qazvin province of Iran. The centre point of the lake is approximately located at. The only tributary that flows into the lake, is a stream with the same name, Ovan, coming down from northern mounts. The north of the lake is also surrounded by three small villages, namely from east to west: Varbon, Ovan and Zar-abaad.HydrologyBecause of the heavy seasonal rainfall and snowfall in the winters, which at times reaches a few meters, it has numerous water resources. Surrounded by Avan, Varbon, Zavardasht and Zar-abaad villages, the lake is located in an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level, its maximum length is 325 meters, and it has a width of 275 meters. The deepest section of the lake is 7.5 meters 


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