Niasar Waterfall

                                                                      Niasar Waterfall


Niasar is one of the districts of Kashan in Isfahan Province. It owns many fantastic tourist attractions which the most beautiful and popular one is the eye catching Niasar Waterfall. This water is frequently visited by nature lovers especially during spring. Niasar Waterfall starts from a water spring near a fire temple dating back to Sassanid era. Niasar owns all its history and natural view to this ancient spring. The spring also waters the vast lush lands of Niasar. The bedrock that made the water passage of Niasar Waterfall is usually made of lime and through ages made a delightful shape. Niasar waterfall is as high as 25 meters; the enjoyable atmosphere of the surrounding area of Niasar Waterfall is a proper choice for spending some quality time in and enjoys the natural scenic view. In the line with the waterfall, there were about thirteen gristmills that 4 of them were destroyed and currently only one of them is working



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