Ab Pari Waterfall, Noor

                                                                     Ab Pari Waterfall, Noor


Ab Pari waterfall is located at E515451 N362839 geographical location in Mazandaran Province. This waterfall is located 5 km from Nour city, near the town of Royan. Trees in Ab Pari waterfall are placed at low distance and most of the areas remained pristine and untouched. This area is located in the vicinity of Kojour and Yoush. Ab Pari waterfall is on the side of the road. This waterfall has no resemblance to the waterfall because a part of the landslide of rocks is condensed at the steep slope of mountain and little water is in the stream among the rocks. However, numerous tourists come to this place on holidays and weekends. The temperature difference of this area with Royan is almost 10 degrees Celsius. Forest trees can be seen in the lower elevations and pine trees can be seen in the higher points.



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