Latoon Waterfall

                                                                              Latoon Waterfall

Latoon Waterfall is located 15 km from Astara, the city of Lundville and the village of Kotta Kuma.
The approximate height of the Laton Waterfall is 105 meters, which is the highest altitude in Iran.
In addition to the main waterfall, another waterfall located at a distance of 10 meters, 65 meters high. Water drain is larger and wider than the main waterfall.
From the fountain to the three large natural Latoon Waterfall, with three 10-meter waterfall.
At the beginning of the walking path, there is Kuteh-Kumeh hot water with 3 showers and a pool. Although it is not hot enough, it can be used for showering. Parking,bathroom and rooms for rent are available at this place.
 Latoon Waterfall doesn`t have only one waterfall, another 65-meter waterfall is located 10 meters away and has more water level and width than the main waterfall.There is a castle above the waterfall of the same name, belonging to Babak Khorram Din, known as the Spina or Spinas castle. If you are a climber, do not miss it at a height of 2000 meters. Rock climbing is also possible at this location, and rock climbers experience the pleasure of climbing the waterfall.



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