Bisheh Waterfall

                                                                          Bisheh Waterfall Of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran


Bisheh Waterfall is one of the charming waterfalls in Lorestan Province. This waterfall flows in the heart of Zagros Mountains in Khorram Abad County. The height of Bisheh Waterfall is about 58 meters from the river level and it has covered an area about twenty meters. The waterfall is supplied by numerous springs and it flows into Sezar River after passing Bisheh Rail Station.
Bisheh Waterfall in Lorestan is one of the hundreds of springs which flows into the river in a gentle and spectacular beauty from 58 meters height so as to soothen the hearts of nature lovers who are tired of urban noises.
Biheh Waterfall is the fourty eighth national monument that was recorded in the list of Iran’s natural heritage on 27th of Esfand 1387 by Cultural Heritage Organization.



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