Malek Mansion

                                                                        Malek Mansion (Bushehr)


Malek Mansion in Bushehr is one of tourist attractions of this city, located on Mahini Street and Bahmani neighborhood. The mansion dating back to the late Qajar era is considered as one of the most magnificent buildings of its time. If you are interested in Iranian history, travel to Iran and visit this magnificent mansion in Bushehr. Mansions resembling Saadat Mansion mainly belong to the capitalists and businessmen of that time, and this mansion was also the same; a rich businessman called Mohammad Mahdi Malekotojar, due to its relationship with domestic and foreign traders, by patterning from them, built a mansion for their business which is known as one of the historical attractions of Bushehr. Malek Mansion in Bushehr was built by French architects with an area of 4,000 square meters. Later, with the British invasion of southern Iran, Malek Mansion in Bushehr was occupied by the British and for a long time was as their military headquarters. After a few years, Malekotojar was bankrupted and the British bought the exquisite items at a low price and took them to England. Later in the reign of Reza Shah, this building was rebuilt. Malek Mansion includes several sections such as a counter, a platform, an entrance and the main building. The main building is the most important part of this mansion, built in 2 floors and the paintings of the walls attract your attention. To visit the Malek Mansion and other attractions of Bushehr keep in touch with our experts to enjoy your trip to Iran.




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