Jashak Salt Dome

                                                                           Jashk, Salt Dome 


The salt domes can be observed in south, southwest, and central areas of Iran. The salt domes are one of the main units of structural geomorphology of Iran. Those with highest density are formed in Zagros Folded zones, Persian Gulf region, and rarely in central Iran and Azerbaijan. The main area the domes are originating is Hormoz Formation related to Infra-Cambrian. The salt domes in central of Iran are associated with Eocene deposits, Lower Red Formation and the base of Upper Red Formation. The Fars Province is ranked first in frequency of salt domes. Then, the most frequencies are, in an order, the provinces of Hormozgan, Kerman, Semnan, and Ghom. Some islands of Persian Gulf including Hormoz, Lark, and Hengam are mainly composed of these salt domes.




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