Sardabeh Waterfall and Hot Spring

                                                                                        Sardabeh Waterfall and Hot Spring


This waterfall is located near the mineral water spa. The temperature of the waterfall is about 35 ° C. This place is a natural area on the Sabalan slopes and has been in existence for many years.

 The Sardabeh Spring is located 25km northwest of Ardebil, in the village of Sardabeh. The height of the spring from the sea level is 1840 meters and the spring is located on the slope. The appearance of water is clear, slightly sour, and is nicely colored. Its cations are sodium and calcium, and its anions are sulfate and bicarbonate.

The village of Sardabeh of Ardebil is considered to be a hot waterfall and hot water from the country’s tourist villages. This area with about 7 hot water springs and new water treatment according to world standards and a 30 meter high waterfall in the tourist area around it is considered a tourist area.


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