Babak Fort

                                                                                       Babak Fort The fortress of Babak Khorramdin (Kaleybar)


Babak castle was constructed on top of a mountain with 2600 meter height, near Kaleybar. The castle has been used in Sasanian era and before that in Parthian age. This castle has adopted its name from Babak Khoramdin, a patriot and militant leader against Arab invaders. 
Here, there has been a two-story castle. Before reaching to the gate of castle, you should pass a route which is faced in front of you as a narrow 200 meter corridor. This corridor was in a place which were under control of guardians in the past in order to check all traffic there. After passing this corridor, there is another entrance with irregular stairs by which you can arrive the castle. Then, you have the main hall around which there are seven rooms. These rooms all reach to central salon. 
In east of palace, you will see other facilities which include some rooms and reservoirs and roofs of reservoirs are chevron and rocking. In northwest of palace, there are stairs which is counted as accessibility road to other stories of palace, but not much has remained today. 
Two half-columns you see in this part has been a location for sentinel in order to have control over everywhere. 
This castle reminds the bravery of famous Iranian warlord Babak Khoramdin, the leader of red-clad group. The unattainable castle of Babak was about 22 years unavailable to Arabs and resisted against Arabs. 
Babak castle was recorded in list of nationsl, cultural and historical opuses in 1345 (1966) and its repair was ordered by cultural heritage organization of east Azerbaijan in order to make it now one of the most tourist attracting places in province. 


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