Qeshlaq Bridge

                                                                              Qeshlaq Bridge (Sanandaj) 


This bridge in the East of Sanandaj, not the passenger terminal, located next to the paved road and is located on the river Qeshlaq. The exact date of construction of the bridge is unknown, but appears to be the main building of bridges built during the Safavid period. Is quoted as saying that the bridge at the time, "Aman Allah Khan Ardalan", repair and restoration was completed and the devastation and destruction, too, in the year 1286 AD. G., "Mirza Reza Vazir Kurdistani" bridge reconstruction began. There is an inscription on the breast of the mountain, near the bridge in 1289. G., suggests repair the bridge at the time, "Nazem Alayalh Mirza Ghulam Hossein Khan" is. Qeshlaq bridge width and length of 6 to 8 feet, 6 crater. Average height This bridge is about 11 meters from the river.




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