Sanandaj Museum

                                                                               Kurdistan: Sanandaj Museum


Locating inside a famous historical monument in Sanandaj called Salar Sadi Edifice, Sanandaj Museum has a lot to offer to those who are interested in knowing about Kurdistan. This museum is divided into two parts of anthropology and archeology. By stepping in, not only could you enjoy the architectural style of Qajar dynasty which was applied in the construction of Salar Said Edifice, but also you have the chance to see many objects even from prehistory and get familiar with the customs and culture of Kurdish people. The most important part of Sanandaj Museum is where many objects found in the most important historical hill of Kurdistan are displayed. It includes women accessories, potteries, dishes, needles and etc. The museum also has a temporary display containing foreign arts of bronze and glass statues. It is in the basement or as it is called in Persian “Howz Khaneh”. Some inscriptions and gravestones are also kept in the exterior part of Sanandaj Museum. To experience this magnificent trip to history call Alaedin Travel for a Sanandaj tour.



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