Stone Caravanserai

                                                                                                  The oldest remaining monument in Zanjan city


The Stone Caravanserai (Dash Caravanserasi in Turkish) lies in Zanjan-Mianeh bypass across from the train station of Zanjan. It dates back to Safavid era, and it is currently used as a traditional restaurant. The caravanserai has been built in four-porch style; its chambers are in one floor and its ceilings are vaulted. Using stone to construct this caravanserai has caused this monument to be called Stone Caravanserai or Dash Caravanserasi in Turkish. The monument is of utmost importance because it is the only Caravanserai left in Zanjan. 
This Caravanserai was registered in Iran's National Heritage in 1998 by Cultural Heritage Organization under the registration number of 2128.


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