Sadri Garden


                                                                                   Sadri Garden (Namir) in Yazd

Bagh-e Namir (Sadri) of Taft in Iran's central province of Yazd dates back to almost two hundred years ago and has an approximate area of 12000 square meters. It is located in Bagh-e Golestan neighborhood in south eastern Taft beside Taft River which runs along Yazd-Shiraz road.

This garden has a set of tall Badgir (windcatcher). These Badgirs have beautiful inner stucco in the shape of a cedar. A lovely pool with the area of 500 meters square in the middle, like a true Persian garden. But here is the best part, inside this pool, there are more than 75 fountains that fill the space with the soothing sound of water purring. At the end of the garden, you can also find a watermill.

In the middle of Sadri Garden, there is a Kushk (a building that is in the middle of a garden) that was the place for Khans or commanders to relax. Don’t forget to look up when you are in the mansion, you will see that instead of using metal, the ceiling is built of wood and palm fibers.


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