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souvenirs in Iran

Every corner of Iran has its unique handicraft which makes a nice souvenir.
But, a Persian carpet is definitely on top of the list when it comes to buying souvenirs from Iran.
Persian carpets are considered to be the oldest and the most beautiful of all oriental carpets.
They are famous for their high quality and detailed design which are the characteristics of all Iranian art.
Most tourists take Persian carpets as a valuable gift to their countries.
You can discover the beauty of this handicraft in Kashan, Qom, Tabriz, and Isfahan.


Iran has a long history of excellence in leather art, and its brands continue to thrive thanks to a focus on traditional craftsmanship.
With its high quality, Iran leather has been traditionally exported to other countries as well.
Many tourists keep leather products as a memento of their trip to Iran.
So, make sure you don’t leave Iran without Persian leather, which is mostly found in Tabriz, Hamedan, Isfahan, and Tehran.


Iran plays an important role in the world of art and crafts, due to the very old civilization, rich culture, and geographical location.
You will surely be surprised in every part of this vast country by coming across to different local hand made products, including Khatam, Giveh, Mina, Monabat, Qalamzani, Ceramic, pottery, Calligraphy, etc.
They can be beautiful and unique souvenirs for your friends and family.
No trip to Iran is completed without having a piece of these amazing handicrafts.

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