Talesh County 9
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Talesh County 9

Talesh, also called Tavalesh is a county in Gilan Province in Iran.
Talesh has mountainous wonderful areas, and its virgin and intact nature is a charming place for those eager of nature. Talesh is situated 140 km north-west of Rasht, on the south-west coast of the Caspian Sea. Talesh township, covering an area of 2373 square kilometers, ¼ of surface area of Gilan.
Knitting of socks and stockings, weaving of coarse wool blankets are famous among different handicrafts of this township.
Sites and historical monuments:
Salsal village which goes back to Ismaeilieh era near Ghalehbin village located 15 km. from Talesh..
White Mosque which dates from Seljukian era that situated at Hashtpar city .
Agh-ev-lar region at a distance of 32 km of this city which is considered among the first grade tourist sites of the Iran.
Asalem - Khalkhal road, and Laezeh countryside on the way to khalkhal .
Beautiful coasts of Kissom
Loomer waterfall
Nasrollah Khan Sardar Amjad Winter Quarters Castle - dates back to Qajar Era. It has eight sides.
Nasrolah Khan Sardar Amjad Summer Quarters Castle - in Aq Evlar Village.
Three - Floor Tombs Around the Lighthouse and Remnants of Mard Ali Bil.
Aq Evlar Old Bath - located in a garden of Merian Village - built in Safavid Era .
Talesh Natural Park - covering an area of 80 acres .
Soobatan Countryside.


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