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14 Things to do in Iran

Things to do in Iran

1.For women wearing Hijabs is mandatory in all public places. (As soon as you get to the airport)



2.Giving a thumbs up sign is considered rude, similar to giving the middle finger in Western society.



3.Shaking Hands or hugging not related opposite sex is not acceptable.



4.You need Visa to IRAN, you have to apply in advance. Note: This is included in the tour package as well as travel insurance for Iran tours



5.Have a google translate for Persian language, because English is not common language in use and you may face trouble for making locals understand what you mean.



6.Bring the cash as there is no International ATM which can service for Master or visa card. More cash just in case. There are two currencies are used in Iran TOMAN in market) and RIAL (Official), 1 Toman=10 Rials. Note: Arian Tour will provide you a debit card.



7.There are two exchange rates official (Central Bank) and Non- official (Exchange office).



8.If there is not price label available for products or services, first ask before buying. Always ask for help from your tour guide.

9.If you are not buying any tour packages, reserve the domestic flights and accommodation in advance according to your itinerary. Note: For Iran tours of our agency all flights and accommodation is included.



10.You need VPN for social media.



11.Buy a local SIM CARD. Arian tour will provide you with free one for travelling to Iran.



12.Good Coffee is hard to find but you can experience the most delicious Tea in Iran. Note, Hot Tea with daily snacks is served by Arian tour through your journey.


13.You can drink Tab water



14.For transportation you can use TAXI, metro and bus. In metro there is special cabin for women. For bus you can pay in cash or via card which you can get one from newspaper booth. For Taxi, there is an application like UBER names SNAPP.

Note: All transportation during your trip to Iran is included in your tour packages.


15.Try all Persian dishes, do not eat just Kebab. Note: You will host by Arian tour for welcome and farewell dinner. If you are Vegetarian or Vegan, please inform us in advance.