History of Arian Tour

 “Arian Tour” offers unlimited Iran tour packages with all excursions you can imagine in Iran by any duration, category or Budget to enjoy the unique features of Iran like Sightseeing tours, Cultural tours, UNESCO world heritage sites, Daily walking tours, Villages and Nomad tours, Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea holiday, Trekking, Climbing, Camping, Rafting, Adventure desert safari, Budget expeditions, only to name a few. 

Travel with "Arian Tour" to get a wide selection of group tours & tailor-made holidays to Iran including popular travel highlights like the Persepolis and Passargad in Shiraz, palaces, mosques and bridges in Isfahan, Tower of silence and Zoroastrian temples in Yazd, amazing beaches of Persian Gulf in Kish Island and different activities like swimming, diving, snorkeling, sailing and parasailing and world class ski resorts in the mountains and Damavand summit.

If you are interested in religious tourism, "Arian Tour" can provide you with various options including the mausoleum of The 8th Shia Imam and many other.

Our services include visa, hotel reservations, flight tickets and airport pick up, professional tour guides speaking major languages of the world, especial Iranian cuisines,...

Having years of experience in travelling around the world, like cycling all around Europe and travelling to many south American and almost all of the Asian and African countries, and executing different outgoing and incoming tours, Managers of Arian Tour decided to establish a travel agency to seriously and professionally focus on incoming tours to Iran. However due to political issues of Iran in the past few years the activity of agency was mostly focused on the domestic and outgoing tours. At the moment, with the progress of Iran towards positive cooperation with the world and improvement in its relations with other countries, we hope to be your host in Iran again.

Iran is a vast country with ancient history and monuments and magnificent and unique nature. In the “About Iran” section of our website you can see some of these attractions. We express our readiness to execute different cultural tours, Eco tours , excursions and sightseeings . Touring and travelling in different Asian, African, European and South American countries has given us a broad view of your taste, likes and dislikes and we can sure achieve your approval with our services.

In the cultural point of view, Iranians are famous for their hospitality, and you will be able to experience this valuable attitude in our tours around Iran.

Arian Tour’s main priority from the very beginning has been the execution of fully professional mountaineering and Eco tours and also sightseeings and excursions. Due to the variety and quality of its services and also customers’ satisfaction, Arian Tour was appointed as one of the 6 excellent travel agencies in Iran in 2006.

Mountaineering Tours:

General Manager of Arian Tour is the official trainer of ice climbing and rock climbing in Iran Mountaineering Federation and has trained many mountain climbers for years. Having the experience of more than 40 times ascending Damavand peak and tens of times other high peaks
of Iran which has given him a broad view of the details of mountaineering tours and the needs
and expectations of climbers, he invites you to pack your backpacks for unforgettable ascends of Iran mountains like Damavand, Sabalan and Alamkuh.

Mountain Biking Tours:

General Manager of Arian Tour has been one of the first Iranians who has cycled around Europe Since 2007, Arian Tour has been the first agency executing professional mountain biking tours. We can now customize our biking tours according to your time, interest and physical fitness in mountains and deserts of Iran.

Sightseeing Tours:

Considering the facts that managers of Arian Tour are among the admirers of Iranian history and culture and official and professional tour leaders, and also the point that during the past 20 years they have travelled to all parts of Iran, even the most remote areas, several times, you can be sure that your experience of Iran with us will be the best.

Having managers and leaders who have perfect command of English language and other languages, Arian Tour anticipates that you won’t have any communication problems and that you can get lots of information about Iran en tour.


Arian Hostel:

Arian Hostel is a part of Arian Holding and is a traditional house, restored as a hostel. It has all of the features of a traditional Iranian house and all the modern facilities of a newly developed boutique hostel. Arian Hostel is located in the heart of Tehran and is in walking distance from all major attractions of the city.
Arian Tour’s experienced, enthusiastic and knowledgeable team, as well as the company’s strong connection with service providers in Iran including hotels, transfer companies, restaurants,… and also considering the foreign exchange rate, guarantee your clients with excellent services at really reasonable prices.
Whether you have Eco tourists interested in the spectacular natural aspects of Iran like its mesmerizing deserts, majestic mountains, with Damavand the tallest one, and wild life of Iran; or travelers who admire Iran for its rich culture and ancient civilization; or group of business people who want to visit Iran for business, we can provide them with all travel related services. It is needless to say that our packages can be combined or customized to meet the needs and interests of your clients, or they can be exclusively designed for them.


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