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Arian Tour is an inbound tour operator in Tehran/Iran, since 2003. We organize tens of group tours and FITs every year and have gained high rates in all of the evaluations carried out among our clients. Please check our testimonial page https://www.arian-tour.com/reviews.html and our trip advisor page https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g293999-d12903019-Reviews-Arian_Tour-Tehran_Tehran_Province.html

Our team consists of professional tour guides who all have related studies, years of experience and unlimited passion for their jobs; highly motivated, prompt and responsive logistic and project managers; and on top of all a creative management team who knows Iran like the back of their hands and use their years of valuable experience of traveling around Iran and the world to design unique tours based on the interest of tourists. That is why we consider ourselves as your travel buddy and not only your travel agent.

Besides our full-time colleagues, we have been working with different service providers for over 15 years. This positive cooperation with hotels, airlines, transportation companies, restaurants and handicrafts workshops allows us to provide our clients with top-notch services and the most reasonable rates.

The combination of above-mentioned points, has made Arian Tour a pioneer tour operator in Iran whose policy is to ensure joy and safety of our clients during their stay in Iran.

Our services cover all the needs of tourists from the moment they arrive in Iran until the time they catch their flights back home and include:

  • Visa arrangements
  • Escorted tours
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation and transfers
  • Domestic bus, train and flight tickets
  • Professional tour guides
  • Travel insurance
  • Business meetings arrangements
  • Special events


Iran Cultural and Sightseeing Tours

Having a civilization of over 2500 years behind, has bestowed Iran with undeniable treasure of culture and history which attracts thousands of its admirers every year. From the ruins of Persepolis to jaw dropping castles and palaces, and ancient and even modern museums and collections, Iran has something to offer for each and every taste.

Our itineraries are all designed meticulously and based on real experience of our tour managers. Through years of practicing these programs, we are now sure that they all meet our clients’ likes and interest. By adding unique features of Iranian culture, social life and original Persian arts, it does not matter which package you choose, you will see more than you expect. Some of these attractions are listed below:

  • Persian foods are a part of this rich culture and is an important part of our tours. During your stay in Iran, we will help you taste a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes including tens of types of Kebabs and numerous local and ethnic meals. Upon time and interest, we arrange culinary classes in which you will learn how to cook Iranian foods.


  • Iran has some world-class handicrafts, each unique to a region. According to the route you take, you can visit carpet, pottery, leather, silver and copper ware, Khatam, marquetry, and fabric workshops and try making objects for yourself.



  • A large number of Iran population still live in rural areas or as nomads who migrate between two locations according to the season. We spice up your trip by having stops and paying visits to them. In these villages or nomad communities you will not only get to know the life style of people but can involve in actual daily chores such as baking bread, weaving local carpets, milking cows or simply have cup of tea and freshly baked bread with them in their black tents or village huts.


  • Iran has some of the most exotic Bazaars in the world, including Tehran Grand Bazaar, Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz, Qeysarieh Bazaar in Isfahan and Tabriz Grand Bazaar which is the largest roofed Bazaar in the world and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage. Weather you want to buy carpets, jewelries, leather, spices including Saffron or other souvenirs, or simply want to take some pictures from these live and vibrant markets, we make sure that you visit some of them during your trip in Iran.


Iran Sport and Eco Tours

Iran is the country of 4 seasons with diverse climate and geography. This diversity has bestowed us with the chance to provide the most variable active and sport tours.

Including skiing in some of the world class ski resorts, swimming or snorkeling in the Persian Gulf, off-road biking or trekking in enchanting deserts, magnificent forest and mountain roads, with breathtaking views and amazing landscape and to top it all off hiking the highest summit in middle east and Europe, (Damavand with 5671 meters altitude) which is located in north of Iran and attracts hundreds of tourists annually.

Besides all these, Iran wild life attracts hundreds of animal and nature lovers every year. Iran, with its numerous bird species, fish exclusively found in Persian Gulf, and its three native animals (Iranian Cheetah, Persian ground jay and Persian Zebra) as well as picturesque geographical features such as Damavand Summit and many other 4000 meter high summits, caves, mountain lakes,  rainbow mountains and vast deserts has a unique potential for bird-watching, star gazing and marveling in an untouched nature. We have professional tours for all these, which can be combined with our routine itineraries.

Having necessary camping equipment for 60 people, a professional team with extensive experience in executing and organizing eco tours, as well as dominance over the most exotic natural areas and fascinating routes has made Arian tour one of the best active tour operators in Iran.


MICE and Business Tours:

Arian Tour has extensive experience in organizing business tours and arranging events and seminars in Iran. The untouched and young market of Iran attracts hundreds of business people every year, who are looking for new partners is a fast-growing society.  We have been providing these enthusiastic groups, mostly from Germany, Austria, Russia, Portugal and many more, with all they needed during their stay in Iran for the past 5 years. Our services include:

  • Visa arrangements
  • VIP transfers
  • Domestic flight tickets
  • Accommodation in 5* hotels
  • Organization of events such as: conferences, B2B meetings, gala dinners, road shows, exhibitions and FAM tours
  • Tailor made tours


Tailor Made Tours:

There are several ready made packages on our website, you can choose as your travel itinerary. But if you can not find what you want there, if you have certain points of interest, too long or too short time span, or want to combine different tours with each other (business tour + cultural tour or eco tour + sightseeing tour) we will design a special itinerary for you.

Based on how much you are going to spend during your trip in Iran, your tour can be executed in a certain way to meet your budget. Also, all of our tour packages can be simply upgraded to luxury tours.


Arian Hostel:

Arian Hostel is one of the divisions of Arian Holding and is built in accordance with our development strategy.

Staying in traditional house accommodations has always been one of the attractions of travelling for many tourists. It not only enables them to experience the charms of living in an authentic ambiance, but also provides them with the chance of living with other people, enjoying local foods and sharing ideas.

Arian Hostel is located in a perfect location right in the very heart of Tehran. We are only a 15-minute walk from the most famous sights such as the Grand Bazaar, the Golestan Palace, National Museum, Jewelry Museum and many other sightseeing attractions of historical and unique life of Tehran.

Our boutique hostel offers a comfortable, clean and budget stay in a warm and friendly atmosphere. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, read, rest or have a good chat with other international travelers visiting Tehran in our lounge area with TV and free Internet access, in the beautiful courtyard or on the roof terrace. There is a unique mix of young tourists backpacking through, families, couples, and professionals who call friendly Arian Hostel their home while visiting Tehran.

Our Panoramic Roof Terrace offers a peaceful and quiet zone for you to relax. In the summer time, you can enjoy a freshly made fruit juices or other refreshing beverage and, in the winter time, enjoy a hot drink. Make yourself comfortable next to our cozy fireplace with a book or a cup of hot chocolate. In some seasons we also serve a delicious Iranian breakfast buffet on the terrace.

Our rooms are mostly 3, 4 ,6 ,8 and 12 bed dormitory rooms with individual lockers, but we also have a number of budget hotel style en suite triple and family rooms that can accommodate 1, 2 or 3 people seeking more privacy.

Whether you’re after the feeling of a hotel, bed and breakfast (B&B), or youth hostel, Arian Hostel in Tehran has the ideal accommodation to fit your budget and preference. We also offer great last minute deals.

For the hostel dormitory rooms, there are common showers and bathrooms in the court yard. The hotel-style rooms offer showers and bathrooms en-suite. All rooms have air-conditioning and heating. Linens are included.

Our goal is to make your stay as comfortable as possible and our friendly staff will guide you to the cafes and restaurants or arrange daily guided tours for you in and around Tehran.


In Short…

Arian Tour’s experienced, enthusiastic and knowledgeable team, as well as the company’s strong connection with service providers in Iran including hotels, transfer companies, restaurants,… and also the foreign exchange rate, guarantee your clients with excellent services at really reasonable prices.

Whether you are an eco tourists interested in the spectacular natural aspects of Iran like its mesmerizing deserts, majestic mountains, with Damavand the tallest one, and wild life of Iran; or admire Iran for its rich culture and ancient civilization; or business people who want to visit Iran for business, we can provide you with all travel related services.  It is needless to say that our packages can be combined or customized to meet your needs and interests, or they can be exclusively designed for you.

Despite all negative advertisements, Iran is a safe country and with its rich historic and natural travel infrastructures as well as the undeniable cultural attractions, it is a unique and attractive destination which surprises you in many ways. It’s time to see Iran and who will be a better company that your travel buddy “Arian Tour”?

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