Iranian Visa, As Easy As Pie!

Tourists who want to visit Iran, must apply for a visa through an Iranian travel agency to get the invitation letter and reference number.
Even if you don't want any other travel services from us, "Arian Tour" will get you a reference number for 50 Euros, without any beurocratic complication and in the shortest possible time.
If you book a tour with us, the reference number will be free of charge.

Rules for Different Nationalities
USA, Canada, UK
Citizens of these countries must be accompanied by a registered tour guide all the time. It is not possible for them to travel without a tour guide. They should apply through an Iranian travel agency who will arrange the issuance of an invitation letter and a reference number. By referring the reference number to the nearest Iranian embassy, the applicants can easily collect their visas. In some cases, flight and hotel reservation might be needed for the process. In this case “Arian Tour “will do the bookings.
Please contact us for further details.
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Jordan, Columbia and Nigeria
Citizens of these countries must apply for a visa through an Iranian travel agency. After receiving the reference number, they can collect their visas at the nearest Iranian embassy. They don’t need to be accompanied by a tour guide during their trip to Iran.
30-Day, On-Arrival Visa for Other Nationalities
All of the nationalities except the above mentioned 10, can get their visas on arrival at the Iranian borders; however, they also need the reference number with which they can collect their visas upon arriving in Iran and without referring to the embassy.
The important point is that this visa cannot be extended, except in force majeure. In order to obtain a visa for more than 30 days the applicant must apply through a travel agency and refer to the embassy.
Tourist groups should also apply through a travel agency and get the invitation letter for the whole group.
“Arian Tour” is one of the MFA reliable travel agencies, who can apply for your invitation letter and reference number and also plan and perform your desired tours with the most reasonable price.
It will be a great pleasure for us to get the chance to help you travel to Iran and provide you with our services and hospitality.
The only documents we need for obtaining the reference number are colored copy of your passport, completely filled application form which we will send to you and a high quality photograph with white background. For UK, US and Canadian citizens, a professional resume is also necessary.
Looking forward to meeting you in our wonderful Iran.


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